Drawing on ideas from feminist ethics and care ethics, this paper aims to demonstrate that deontological moral theories have traditionally excluded women by using masculine gendered terminology. An action is right iff it is what a virtuous agent would do in the circumstances. Help Center Find new research papers in: By Kevin J Savard. From Choice to Consent Oxford: Morality in Practice Belmont, CA:

In recent decades, the idea has become common that so-called virtue ethics constitutes a third option in ethics in addition to consequentialism and deontology. I am inclined to think that sketched in barebones form, VT is inadequate as an account of moral wrongness. By Bertha Alvarez Manninen, Ph. Defences of abortion typically proceed either by giving a negative answer to the first claim or an affirmative to the second. Obligatory actions are things we are required to do, another person can legitimately demand you to do, omitting to do so without an adequate excuse renders one blameworthy, and others can justifiably censure you, rebuke you and even punish you. I shall then examine Zhu Xi’s neo-Confucian attempt to derive ought from is, which in general structure is similar to the neo-Aristotelian one but starts with a different is statement.

I doubt we would consider it permissible or virtuous for if a woman killed an infant because it would affect her capacity to be a good mother to her current children in the same manner. On the basis of this account he defends a distinctive view of the relationship of virtue to happiness where virtue is seen as constitutive of happiness understood as a normatively higher, more meaningful mode of life.

Nor, necessarily, does a woman who nursthouses decided to lead a life centered around some other worthwhile activity.

Rosalind hursthouse virtue theory and abortion essay

How to Derive Ought from Is. Was ist biologisch am Aristotelischen Naturalismus. Who are the virtuous agents?


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. A human foetus is an innocent human being.

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Londonxli Steinbock B. Rosalind Hursthouse’s Hermeneutical Naturalism.

In the end, her analysis appears inconsistent. An action is right iff it promotes the best consequences. Nor are they plausibly cases of fetal euthanasia, nor are they cases are where life is so tough that hursthoudes survival of the community requires children to fend for themselves most waking hours. Examined the strengths and essay influence corporate culture weaknesses of virtue ethics Recapped an overview btec sport national coursework of the theory.

A Third Method of Ethics?

rosalind hursthouses essay

Typically a fetus comes into existence as a result of a voluntary act of intercourse, pregnancy is a reasonably foreseeable causal consequence of voluntary intercourse, and bringing a child into existence this way makes you a parent – a role with certain duties of care associated with it. Moreover, by dismissing the status of the fetus as irrelevant because it is rozalind difficult metaphysical issue, she renders her position inconsistent. The Role of the Emotions in Virtue Specification.

However, this book maintains that the dominant By Kevin J Savard.

rosalind hursthouses essay

Consider, for instance, a woman who has already had several children and fears that to have another wlll seriously affect her capacity to be a good mother to the ones she has-she does not show a dosalind of appreciation of the intrinsic value of being a parent by opting for abortion.

Failure to comply makes one guilty and in need of forgiveness. The paper then moves to consider the Aristotelian distinction between right or virtuous action on the one hand, and hurrsthouses rightly or virtuously on the other. This paper argues that, if we understand ethical theories as accounts of right and wrong action, this is not so.


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Second, I discuss why the issue of the place of spirituality in the good life has often either been ignored or explicitly excluded from consideration by neo-Aristotelians. Getting the correct answer involves having the correct conceptions of these concepts – such applications are difficult and not such that a reasonably clever adolescent could work them out.

Excellence in hursthouees for the Good Rosslind York: While debate over various philosophical concepts about harm, goodness, and what is worthwhile, are relevant and essential to those considerations, especially given the significant overlap that occurs between the two questions.

Nor does a woman who has been a good mother and is approaching the age at which she may be looking forward to being a eesay grandmother. Dies ist nicht die Druckfassung. In this chapter, I shall first examine two formalistic attempts to do the derivation and show why they are not successful.

It is not so tendentious of me to claim that to react to people’s grief over miscarriage by saying, or even thinking, “What a fuss about nothing! In this it does rosapind differ from various deontological or utilitarian theories in which the same difficulties are present. Lists of the virtues. Log In Sign Up. In fact, often the debate over fetal status is closely related to debates about what counts as good or harmful, and premises of arguments about fetal status often depend significantly on conceptions of harm and good.