The process of analysis was grounded in as much as the detailed categories were allowed to emerge in the coding process rather than being predefined and used to test a particular hypothesis. In practice that sense making will occur in the context of the limited knowledge that is usually available in complex social and organisational settings, i. The interviews were also recorded, transcribed into Microsoft Word and a copy of the transcript returned to each interviewee for their review and to enable them to provide any further comments they believed were necessary. The significance of stakeholder involvement to value creation has also been noted by Talbot who suggests the more people participate in framing public actions the more they value the resulting action, even if it is not their personal preference. These interviews were recorded, transcribed and analysed with the aid of NVivo. In contrast, the size of the appropriations provided to the larger agencies, such as the Ministry of Social Development with more than 9, staff , provides increased scope for budget management and operational flexibility. Moore has suggested that the management of public value and more broadly public capital requires non-elected public servants to assume an active role in the external authorising environment to promote and maintain the trust in, and legitimacy of, their agency.

While some of the interviewees were very concerned with reacting to the media and public criticisms, others described more proactive strategies by which they managed their interactions with their authorising and co-producing environment. CYF national 2 Evidence of that belief was provided on a wall in the national office of Child, Youth and Family Services which was covered with press cuttings telling positive stories about the organisation and its work. Similarly, the activities of the Community Probation Service, although at times extremely complex given the variety of community-based sentences and offenders are viewed by the public and media in relatively simple terms associated with whether the community is, or is not, perceived to be safe. Mechanisms are required by which this can be more formally recognised and managed. However, such fragmented accounts and patterns of action are dependent on the number and diversity of external stakeholders.


WI national 7 However, theais manager from Work and Income also commented: It is evident that public opinion does shape what public service organisations do, particularly in respect of those functions that are politically salient.

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From an accounting and economic perspective, value can be seen to be created when the benefits delivered by public agencies exceed the costs of delivering them. Institute of Policy Studies. The problem, Driver suggests, is that while the engineering model is morally sustainable it does not reflect reality; and while the entrepreneurial model better reflects practice it does not reflect the ethical principles of thssis government.

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Five semi-structured interviews were also conducted with external stakeholders including relevant ministers. Coding and analysis of the documents then took place within NVivo. The extent to which public sector agencies are subject to external sensegiving, and the resulting impact on their performance management practices, was also explored by Pollitt PP regional 13 The role of the media was also explained by an interviewee from Child, Youth and Family Services who suggested that most of the public do not know what that agency does apart from what dotmer read in the newspapers.

As one interviewee explained: As a regional manager explained: State of the Development Goals Report In discussing the role and proper purposes of public managers Moore amongst others has challenged the simple contractual relationships conceived within the new institutional economic theories that underpinned much of the new public management reforms.

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In a portfolio like Corrections there are always problems. However, measurement of both the processes that contribute towards achieving that trust, confidence and collaboration and the extent to which it is achieved is evidently problematical.

These interviews were recorded, transcribed and analysed with the aid of NVivo. Officials are often in a unique position in terms of the experience and knowledge they possess and the opportunities they have to utilise it. Interviewees at all levels of that agency commented on the problems of maintaining public confidence. In the case of Theiss Prisons a male and a female prison were chosen as sites.


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All of the case study organisations were also actively engaged with other providers in working toward common objectives. A succession of high profile incidents being reported in the media in recent years have embarrassed Ministers and provided ammunition to opposition parties.

Click here to sign up. CPS local 9 At the regional level an interviewee explained how the Community Probations Service also works with representatives thfsis local government to find housing for offenders on community-based sentences and to explain to members of those communities the presence of the offenders placed there.

rodney dormer thesis

As another interviewee noted: However, such fragmented accounts and patterns of action are dependent on the number and diversity of external stakeholders.

Rosney University of Wellington library. Public value assumes that public managers will try to both shape public opinion and have their views shaped in turn.

Notes were taken of the issues and priorities suggested, the language and the tools used to measure performance, and the use made of performance measurement information. The social processes of organisational sensemaking.

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Victoria University of Wellington. We are working a lot more with them in terms of monitoring and enforcement action. Strategic Management Journal, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Under the engineering model public officials are seen as technicians who implement public policies defined by their political masters.

This is much more of a continuous conversation than an exercise in market research and should be viewed as a serious effort to restore trust in the public realm.