Competitors from the barangay of the day play a modified version of the game potato sack race called “sack and field, field and sack”. Since its inception in , Little Miss Philippines has been an important stepping stool for little girls who want to become big in the entertainment industry. The young aspirants belt out vocally challenging songs. Heart to Get is a reality dating game segment every February during the s in time for Valentine’s Day. For instance, a closed umbrella roughly resembles a sword or a walking cane.

The segment is a beauty contest for female children who are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. All who wish to be eligible to win must bring specific items that the hosts mention and must then race to the numbered spots laid out on the streets in under a minute. The jackpot round is a quiz round that has a similar format as the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Several members of the audience may also be chosen to join either the blue team or the yellow team. The next pair then plays against each other in the second round. Beauty and brains are two important criteria for the contest, but the contestants must also face a series of challenges in order to determine the winner of the segment.

Dabarkads Joey de Leon, Janno Gibbs, and Anjo Yllana as judges, who assume the roles of DoughnutLollipopand Popsicle respectively, from the Balakubak portion of the said comedy show.

The contestants are judged by the studio audience based on the amount of applause received. Both players are given a grid of cards. The barangay hosts also attempt to answer questions that netizens ask through the show’s Twitter or Facebook page.


Bayanihan of d’ Pipol. For the second round, the contestants must choose a letter from the letters P, U, R, E, G, O, L, and D, letters that will form the word Puregoldthe segment’s sponsor, each contestant must choose one letter. For its Philippine adaptation, it is a segment of the variety show Eat Bulaga!

problem solving eat bulaga august 13 2015

The new loveteam, popularly known as AlDubtripled the auhust normal AGB Nielsen Mega Manila and nationwide television ratings, and AlDub became the top daily trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines and even worldwide.

The twist of the game is that one picturist and one guesser will be chosen per group for each round, and the rest of the members will be blindfolded except for the picturist and the guesser.

Each day, three intelligent children battle for the title of “Classroom Superstar” by solving simple math questions. The segment is similar to the concept of the segment Gaya Gaya, Puto Mayabut the contestants of Ikaw at Echo must use their real voice during their performance instead of lip syncing.

Each game, there is a team consisting of three players. KaFez is a beauty contest to honor mothers for Mother’s Day.

August 31 at It is a game segment sponsored by Del Monte.

problem solving eat bulaga august 13 2015

Seksi is a summer beauty pageant for both sexy male and female contestants. Lola’s Playlist is a subsegment of Kalyeserye. Flashback is an early music competition. Two acts one in each category will win in the grand finals.

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The segment shows the true purpose of Eat Bulaga! The host will slowly remove the glove of the coined hand, then if the color of the ring that the Bababoom Beauty wears is red there’s two of themhe or she is thoroughly out of the game. Otherwise, if the player eliminates all of the empty hands, he or she wins the pot prize of P, It is the first of the Fun bullaga Prize Time promos. Except this time, the pair is only given one category and must take turns to correctly guess any three of the ten provided words in under three minutes.


There are two contestants everyday. The group with the fastest time wins the game. It is a singing competition for contestants from the barangay of the day. Survival in business pro homework facts a synergy of skills.

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Guapito is a beauty contest for men who are handsome and talented. Aspiring entrepreneurs or someone who has a friend who wants to start a business must share their story sokving what business they want to start through e-mail to Eat Bulaga! People who talk to themselves are more likely to have a bulaga I.

It is sponsored by the margarine brand Star Margarine. It is a raffle promo sponsored by the local seasoning brand Aji-Ginisa by Ajinomoto.

Contestants who will be able to manage to blow the biggest bubble so,ving bubble will be the winner. They can improve learning skills such as problem solving.