Ethnic and regional demands were important parts of the Maoist agenda during the civil war; in eastern Nepal, much of their support depended on it. The names of provinces would have to be listed in the constitution itself. However, this has not been the case in Nepal. Identity-based issues like culture, ethnicity are given due recognition by the state. According the writer, China would therefore not want multiple power centers or too many federal states near its border.

In simple terms Federalism is about power and self-government. Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Inland and inter-State electricity transmission lines However, unfortunately, since then, there is a general understanding in Nepali discourse that state restructuring is federalism and federalism is state restructuring, and nothing more. The book mainly focused on the history of Nepal based in federalism.

Both the supporters of federalism and its opponents, if they play their roles genuinely, must be seen as playing an indispensable role in devising federalism. International treaties or agreements, extradition, mutual legal assistance and international borders, international boundary rivers 8.

Chesterton had been for going after the fellow with a stick. It was accepted politically and constitutionally, albeit reluctantly, by the major political forces as a tool for correcting the ills of old centralised essau system. But since Marchonly one episode of Naya Nepal is produced and broadcast once a week. The state must ensure that the people who live close to natural resource receive maximum benefit from them, while at the same time preserving and protecting these resources.

Comparing the different concepts about the federal Nepal he has suggested 10 federal states in Nepal all based on ethnicity.

Naya nepal essay in nepali

People want a good education, medical services and other social security. Kn the electoral system is important to ensure the identity, representation and access of different groups. Many of the conflicts of the identity movements are in cultural issues. Federal structure allows the state power to reach the smallest unit of state mechanism. Qualitative methods provide an insight into how people make sense of their own experience that cannot be easily provided by other methods Rice, Promoting all communities, cultures and languages, without denouncing any is the essy approach.


The majority people still have difficulty to fulfil their basic needs.

And by doing this he proved that he despised mepali very masses whose sweet nepak he wooed, and had no faith in the system under which alone such a one as he could have been able to climb so high. However, with constitution have also come new challenges for Nepal. The power and responsibility of the centre and the units must be clearly defined and also should make provision for problem solving through competent judiciary, law and constitution.

Management, operation and control of agricultural extension No need to depend upon the centre for everything.

Naya nepal essay in nepali

It can be said that federalism is all about state restructuring, but state restructuring is not only federalism. Is it so certain, after all, that we should not be interesting ourselves in other quite as nugatory matters if these were denied us?

In this regard, the research is nayaa on to analyze and answer the following nepsli questions: Canada Central to the organization of government in Canada is the principle of federalism. Nawalparasi West of 1.

Madhesh movement is basically guided by ignorance since they have been involving in negative demands leaving genuine one. Each level of government must be directly responsible to its own electorate and the system must be democratic at each level.


Since the last few years, various ethnic groups and Madhesi communities have brought federalism at the forefront of the issue of state restructuring.

naya nepal essay in nepali

Initial program design and implementation took place against a backdrop of strict media censorship. Preventive detention for reasons connected with the security of the country, prison and detention management, and maintenance of peace and order 4.

In those countries where there is insufficient resource and means federal form of governance might suffer from the lack of sufficient budget.

naya nepal essay in nepali

Inclusion of more ethnic members into regional politics and administration will ensure more public politics directed toward regional essqy, instead of irrelevant policies directed by the center. The centre is not the source of all power but rather has equally powerful states and common and uniform factors exist that bind these states together by constitution.

Naya Nepal Essay In Nepali

The debate on federalism has not moved from the positioning phase to the negotiation phase. No doubt these studies have their significance, but formation of state structure and operationalization of administration cannot be achieved on sentiments only. Provinces should be encouraging both local and national nepail legally.

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