Other examples mentioned were service record discrepancies left uncorrected for several years or no warfare designation when the opportunity existed to earn one. I like HPSP because it is a relatively short-term commitment. During medical school HPSP students are on reserve status, however, this doesn’t count toward fulfilling the reserve duty commitment. The same variability can be seen among the civilian residency programs as well. I’m not really interested in the military, but I need the cash. Getting permanently stationed “overseas” is rare unless requested, and these slots are usually offered to physicians with prior service or “time in the field”. Now you have to wait.

After interviewing, I decided that the radiology program at Wilford Hall in San Antonio, TX would be a great place for me and ranked it as my first choice. The following two ADTs are completed during the third and fourth years and are nothing more than clinical rotations performed at an AF base hospital. As far as HPSP is concerned, each branch is slightly different, but the basic idea is the same. We all know the reasons, but no matter how many times we try to give an answer it never comes out quite right. It provides information about each AF hospital including location, size, website links, and the available specialties meaning the specialists assigned there. For example, some hospitals have experienced significant downsizing literally hundreds of beds lost , yet still train the same number of residents.

How do the AF residencies compare to the civilian ones? If you don’t know how to starement a local recruiter, try making a contact through the Air Force Recruiting Website.

U.S. Naval Officer Motivational Statement Essay – Navy’s core values in order to protect USA

Most people will be stationed at a base hospital within the Continental United States. As for myself, I participated in the Introduction to Clinical Surgery program, which allowed me to interact statemnt AF surgeons of various specialties, shadow them during clinic, and scrub-in during surgical procedures.


The best answer is that some are excellent, some average, and others dismal, and there is no way to tell what they will be like several years from now.

Anyone who has made it into medical school should not find it particularly challenging.

Hpsp personal statement

Like residency, military fellowships are competitive. In this case, the entire application package including the physical exam results must be submitted weeks early for final approval by the Surgeon General.

As it turns out, I did not match with Wilford Hall, but got my second choice of civilian deferment so it was a good thing I had been interviewing while I waited for the AF match results.

navy hpsp personal statement

The hours issue is less clear. Personally, the money was not such a big deal for me. I like HPSP because it is a relatively short-term commitment. You see, as a general motivational statement, this essay does not hit the mark at all. While not always the case, they typically owe more personl of service and many plan on military careers. Alexander, I am personaal if your motivational statement essay came with some guide questions as most military officer school applications do.

I’ll wait for the guide questions, if you have any, so that I can point out which possible parts of this essay you can use for the required revision. I have also learned that the military reserves the right to put all contracts on hold in times of crisis to prevent loss of personnel, as with the attacks of September After COT there are three more active duty tours to complete.

They want to see if someone applying has taken college classes that are personal statement anatomy, hpsp, microbiology, chemistry.

Honestly, I’ve never been on a medical school admissions committee or judged the quality of HPSP candidates. If you do have a disqualifying condition, there is a chance you may still be eligible for a medical waiver. The next ADT will most likely be the statemwnt after your first year and will be 30 days long again, though you will be “active” for 45 days. I’m not really interested in the military, but I need the cash. The nay I read did not specify what year they were in residency or what specialties they were training in.


The training is mostly academic, dealing with three major areas.

navy hpsp personal statement

Slim, but not zero. Some doctors find ;ersonal for deadly disease, others care for the homeless, and some spend time in areas lacking sufficient medical resources such as inner cities, rural areas, or reservations.

For an idea of the residencies offered, here is a link to the Specialties Table for clerkships and residencies and a document containing the Medical Corps Approved Training Starts for residencies and fellowships people are actually doing and the number of spots approved by the AF.

navy hpsp personal statement

Read what you will. Too often we forget that these are real people who need and deserve the best medical care just like everyone else. There are many books published on these subjects. I would never tell anyone not to join a particular branch. I haven’t had to pinch every penny over the past few years.

Military life is not easy, the scholarship is not a “free ride”, and military medicine is definitely not the place to make money. To be a military officer you must be able to complete the training as described i.

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