By , Marathas had crossed the Narmada River and made small incursions in Malwa , retreating immediately. Under her leadership , the Marathas were able to recapture lost territories and also raided southern and western regions in Malwa and Gujarat. She is acclaimed for her role in keeping alive the resistance against Mughal occupation of Maratha territories after the death of her spouse, and acted as regent during the minority of her son. Later, finding Ramraja out of control , Tarabai imprisoned him. She even declared that Ramraja was not really her grandson but someone whom she had pretended to be one to gain the throne There was a brief power struggle between the Peshwa Balaji Bajirao and Tarabai. A Textbook of Medieval Indian History. Piracy had also increased in the Kolhapur kingdom.

The year saw the eldest son of Shivaji and his first wife Saibai, Sambhaji who had led the Marathas for nearly a decade being captured and put to death after Raigad fort fell to a Mughal army of over fifteen thousand. As the noted historian Jadunath Sarkar has written about her, ‘In that awful crisis her character and strength saved the nation’. He was initially supported by Shahu and his Peshwa. Tarabai was skilled in cavalry movement, and made strategic movements herself during wars. The Maratha country was relieved at the news of the death of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who died at Khuldabad in Aurangabad in Sir Shahaji became a Major-General in the Indian Army in , but in , he was stripped of his rank, titles and stipends as part of the mass removal of royal titles and prestige under the Indira Gandhi Congress regime along with abolitition of the privy purse to the Royals.

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His head-quarters were at Ichalkaranji about eighteen miles east of Kolhapur. There were also unconfirmed reports rarabai human sacrifices in Kolhapur at the temple of godess Kali. She beheaded Anandrao Jadhav, the leader of the rebels.


Tarabai had earlier imprisoned Rajasabai and her son Sambhaji the other wife and son of Rajaramand also the majarani to the throne so that her natural son could attain the Maratha throne. Shivaji II of Kolhapur had confiscated the ,aharani of Kagal on insubordination charges but was returned in A truce was offered to the Mughals in such way that it was promptly rejected by the Mughal emperor, and Tarabai continued the Maratha resistance.

By doing so he also kept his rivals like Dabhades who were from the Sakwarbai camp at bay. Also, following the same techniques used by the imperial army, Tarabai and her commanders began penetrating the long-held territories of the Mughal empire as far north as Malwa and Gujarat and appointing their own revenue collectors kamaishdars. He built the Kolhapur High Court,many housing colonies,made female education free, modernized water supply systems,established Kolhapur municipal authority, an local panchayat system.

Shrimant Pirajirao Tulojirao Ghatge. Tarabai was the daughter of the famed Maratha general Hambirao Mohite. Tarabai’s power politics After the death of Shahu inTarabai supported the succession of Ramraja Tarabais putative grandson and later adopted by Shahu to the Maratha throne. Ace March 30, at They felt Shahu being the son of Sambhaji was their natural ruler and Rajaram essah Tarabai were only the temporary rulers in the absence of the real king, something even Rajaram himself had professed.

Tarabai was a brave, ambitious and level-headed ruler, who put her kingdom above everything else.

He was also a reformist. But Tarabai impressed jaharani Shahu, that her grandson, whom everyone had thought had died, was in fact aliveand that she had kept him hidden to ward of assassination attempts on him by her dead husbands other wife, Rajasabai and her son Sambhaji.

Kagal was a small principality adjoining the Kolhapur state. In return, the Peshwa forgave her.


Rani Tarabai – A Formidable Maratha Warrior | #IndianWomenInHistory

Her administrative genius and strength of character saved the nation in that awful crisis. He was trained in administration by one Sir Stuart Fraser, and given partial administrative powers in He passed away inleaving Ramraja as msharani heir.

Meanwhile, Peshwa returned from the Mughal frontier, reaching Satara on 24 April.

maharani tarabai essay

He was initially supported by Shahu and his Peshwa. She died inat the age of Tarabai came from the Mohite clan [2] and was daughter of famed Maratha general Hambirao Mohite. She claimed that he was an impostor from Gondhali caste and she had falsely presented him as her grandson to Shahu.

Rani Tarabai, The Indomitable Warrior Queen of the Marathas

But things never went as per their plans, as the Mughal princes Prince Azam ,Shah Alam, and Kambaksh etc themselves had to fight each other for the throne. Tarabai and her son were imprisoned by Sambhaji II.

Parshurambhau was killed in a skirmish with the Kolhapur troops in at Pathankudi village, Chikodi. She concentrated on fighting the Mughals and was an earnest politician who never went against her own family to attain power.

Rani Tarabai – A Formidable Maratha Warrior | #IndianWomenInHistory

Jaisingraos son Yeshwantrao was later crowned as Ch. Rani Tarabai was ahead of her times and was forced to kill her ambition despite being capable. ByMarathas had crossed txrabai Narmada and made small incursions in Malwa, retreating immediately.

maharani tarabai essay

When Rajaram refused, she imprisoned him in a dungeon at Satara, on 24 November Tarabai died old in