In fact, every planet is trying to fall into the Sun, but the Sun keeps moving out of the way. I only have 2 weeks to prepare it and I’m really worried. A solar eclipse is caused by the Moon in its New Moon phase passing directly in front of the Sun from your perspective on Earth. But it highlights yet another piece of compelling evidence: It follows that our Solar System is located on the edge of our galaxy.

A basic grasp is all you need to do well. The adults thought it was funny. Why is a solar day longer than a sidereal day? Marking guidelines used by the examination board are included as well as further links to supporting documents provided by the Met Office. How long does it take to orbit? But is there a way to tell whether any other stars are circumpolar? I advise watching the supplementary video, which provides useful commentary.

Look at it with one eye closed. I already know what I’m doing gcse the aided observation but really need to get this unaided done before I get back to guide and have no time. I prefer the latter! Thus, I could be tempted to buy a solar scope in future. Inthe NASA space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its flight, claiming the lives of all seven crew members, including one school teacher — Christa McAuliffe, winner of a competition, whose prize was to become the first teacher in space.

GCSE Astronomy – Newton’s Notepad

The best way to achieve this is by spending some time outdoors away from artificial lights prior to observing. Book a uni open day.


I have my own way of remembering the circumpolar formula:. You could also xtick a big piece of flat card using a pencil. Whenever they find a new one, they catalogue it, and track it with computers — making predictions as to its future course. But how can you tell e. The Virgo Cluster forms part of an cooursework bigger grouping of galaxies: And our Local Group lies just on the edge of that supercluster.

GCSE astronomy coursework – shadow stick or sundial

Thus, if we know the exact time that local noon occurs in another place, we can work out how far east or west that place is by the difference between their local noon and our local noon — i. To date lateover exoplanets are confirmed to exist, and the number dtick rising.

Each of these points could be argued against, but they are sufficient for your exam.

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

What is the cosmic microwave background CMB radiation? If asked to label a star along with its constellation, the constellation name comes after the designation, and you only need to write the first three letters of the constellation.

The lava left behind dark, iron-rich, basaltic plains. Exoplanets are popping-up everywhere and often. By Zachary in forum Off-Topic Babbling. Quite the explorer, indeed.

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Rather, the Sun lies at the centre, with Earth and all the other planets orbiting it. A much simpler version of the law is derivable:. All finished now, and worth it in the end!


Sceptics maintained that our Solar System was the only place in the Universe where planets were likely to be found. The above images show projected examples. At the same time, sunspots follow an overall trend known as the solar cyclein which the number of sunspots increases to a maximum every 11 years. What are the names of the planets?

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

Each check represents a sunspot. This ejected matter escapes at close to the speed of light. Both solar and lunar eclipses can be determined years in advance, almost down to the moment they occur. I think savings is more common because saving sounds like a verb and “savings” sounds more like a noun.

gcse astronomy coursework shadow stick

A sundial works because it points towards the Pole Star in the northern hemisphere which stays in the same place as Earth rotates. You can keep up-to-date with their findings via Google, and by reading these quality magazines:.