Discovery filters enable you to limit discovery to specific network segments, domain name, specific IP address or IP address ranges. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Perform Analysis of Current Design and Review Iteration Goal and Achievement of Design Purpose The following table summarize the design proress using the Kanban board technique Not Addressed Partially Addressed Completed Addressed Design Decision Made during the Iteration QA-2 Introduction of a time server access module in the data layer on the server application that encapsulates communication with the time servers. Visualize performance data The user displays network performance measures delay, offset, jitter in a graphical way to view and analyze network performance UC Devices that are not at the latest level are easily identified. Moreover it makes configuration, changes equipment or manages their performance.

World without FCAPS- ViaSat Case Study Introduction The network management is the set of activities dedicated to the control and surveillance of the telecommunications infrastructure of a company or operator. Review Inputs The first step of the ADD method involves reviewing the inputs and identifying which requirements will be considered as drivers Category Details Quality attribute scenario The scenarios were described in previous section. By incorporating a centralized management system, where all of the network administrators and operators can access, these variations are virtually limited. Internal communication between components in the client is managed through local methods calls and does not need particular support Create a module dedicated to access the time servers in the data layer of the Service Application reference architecture The service agents component from the reference architecture is adapted to abstract the access to the time servers. This representation is updated continuously as faults are detected or repaired UC

Sketch views and record design decisions Information about the relationships between some elements in the diagram that is worth recording is summarized in the following table: World without FCAPS- ViaSat Case Study Introduction The network management is the set of activities dedicated to the control and surveillance of the telecommunications infrastructure of a company or operator.

Configure time server An administrator changes configuration parameters associated with a particular time server. It performs object-oriented to relational mapping and shields the rest of the facps from persistence details Time server access module This module is responsible for communication with the time servers. Create CLI scripts that can be used for various device activities such as large scale configuration changes.


The configuration database can be backed up ensuring that configurations can be rapidly restored in the case of a disaster event. As information networks grow in size and businesses expect greater uptime and performance from their network backbone, there is an increased need to proactively monitor activity, notify stydy or before problems occur and provide alerting to administrators.

The management system collects all performance data within 5 minutes, while processing all user requests, to ensure no loss of data due to CON Fcaaps an Overall System Strcuture This section presents the results of the activities that are performed in each of the steps of ADD in the first iteration of the design process Step 2: Choose one or more elements of the system to refine Step 4: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

World Without Fcaps- Viasat Case Study

We think you have liked this presentation. The protocol is added successfully without any changes cwse the core components of the systems UC-5 QA-3 Availability A failure occurs in the management system during normal operation. The company also bring in new applications of communication to people who are out of reach of terrestrial network in government sectors and commercial sectors as Architectural Design Establishing the overall structure of a software system Objectives To introduce architectural design and to discuss its importance.

Using Twitter As Twitter has become an important staple for mobile communications, some systems such as PerleVIEW enable administrators to set-up Twitter feeds for these notifications. Enable your IT organization to focus less on daily maintenance and more on meeting future business needs by choosing Perle as your complete Managed Media Converter, Ethernet Extender and Industrial Switch Solutions Provider.

fcaps case study

Your ability to show successful compliance to network security regulations and prove your configuration can prevent you from expensive and damaging fcqps. Instantiate architectural elements, allocate responsibilities and define interfaces Step 6: Security Management Enabling successful security management means segregating the roles and responsibilities of administrators and users, logging their activity, and ensuring the privacy of data on the network.

fcaps case study

These probes interrogate the health of the target system, acquiring all of the latest status and information. This server cannot be used for other purposes than hosting the database CON-4 The network connection to user workstations can have low bandwidth but is generally reliable CON-5 Performance data needs to be collected in intervals of no more than 5 minutes, as higher intervals result in time servers discarding data CON-6 Events from the last 30 days must be stored.


Network connection to users workstations can have low bandwidth and be unreliable CRN Any process for configuration management needs to include a process whereby that environment can be audited against its baseline.

This way the NMS may continue to manage the entire network and at the same time take advantage of the specific features and functions that are best served by PerleVIEW.

PerleVIEW enables effective delegation of management responsibilities by giving administrators granular control over which users can perform specific management operations on specific systems. In fact, many of these databases are redundant, in order to increase the robustness of the system to normal faults. Businesses must retreat from ad-hoc management to some mechanism of configuration control to ensure network stability.

4. Case Study: FCAPS System – Designing Software Architectures: A Practical Approach [Book]

Choose one or more elements of the system to refine This is a greenfield development effort, so in this case the element to refine is the entire FCAPS system In this case, refinement is performed through decomposition.

PerleVIEW provides a number of capabilities that enable the sthdy administrators to have control over their fiber links. Other technologies still need to be selected e. Administrators can also take advantage of utilizing established Microsoft Groups to profile PerleVIEW users and what roles they can have within the system.

Registration Forgot your password? Establish iteration goal by selecting drivers This is first iteration in design of a greenfield system In this iteration, the architect must be mindful of the following: Devices that are not at the latest level are easily identified. The management systems resumes operation in less than 30 seconds All QA-4 The management system collects performance data from a time server during peak load.

Specific devices can be managed directly using Telnet, SSH, http or https.