One must be at peace to create this flow. Doon sa provisions ng Bangsamoro Organic Law, more or less, ang gusto naming mapasama ay napasama sa provisions,” Jaafar said. The Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes reported that the BBL requires substantial revision to withstand Supreme Court scrutiny, delaying proceedings until it was too late. This law was proposed many years ago but why are we reviewing it just now? And by ok we mean not just safe from violence, but getting competitive education, being assured of opportunities equal to the children here and anywhere else, having access to the best healthcare, to live just as secured and as comfortable as everyone, right in our own little corner, in this beautiful country. Not just any law will do.

We want peace and progress, but we cannot have it instantaneously. The committee should review the sections. The qualifications for age, height, and educational attainment may be waived if availed within five years after the ratification of the OLBARMM. Editorial Illegal drugs and illegal killings The life agendum Out of touch Developing a Christian perspective Interpreting a president. Remember me on this computer.

When Hashim died inthe rebel group toned down its demands and instead lobbied for a truly autonomous region. Various cities and municipalities, notably Isabela City in Basilan and Zamboanga City have rejected their inclusion in the Bangsamoro region.

Section bangsamoroo, Article II of the Organic Law states that Bangsamoro People are “those who, at the advent of the Spanish colonization, were considered natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Wssay archipelago and its adjacent islands, whether of mixed or of full blood,” including their spouses and descendants. The lawmakers decided to use section 10 for their interpretation instead of section Stakeholders from various sectors attending the public consultation of the House of Representatives on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City to show their utmost support for the immediate passage and ratification of the BBL.


Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. Retrieved 24 April The congress and basiv hoc committee cannot finish this law properly if the executive department keeps on pressuring them. These were the basis for the enactment of R. Post a comment East Asia Forum welcomes comments, both for adding depth to analysis and for bringing up important new issues.

Under the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law, the Bangsamoro Government shall have the primary responsibility over public order and safety Art. The Philippine Star, 24 Nov.

essay bangsamoro basic law

One must be at peace to create this flow. Editorial Illegal drugs and illegal killings The life agendum Out of touch Developing a Christian perspective Interpreting a president. What we know now as the Bangsamoro struggle is a struggle for the Right to Self-Determination.

essay bangsamoro basic law

This means that they should have a referendum not only from their region but it should be a nationwide survey. Retrieved 8 July In that speech, she gave listeners a personal glimpse into what it is like to be a Muslim from a Muslim point of view. The BBL lays out the framework for its governance, with provisions that take into consideration Muslim culture and traditions and, addresses the basic needs of its constituents.

However, the shooting alerted armed forces in the area. Everything you need to know”. And its history, a tangled web confusing to follow. Clan wars or Rido were also prevalent in the region. Bangsamor Bangsamoro Basic Law should be equipped with answers and should not be the reason for more questions. But what is the Bangsamoro Basic Law? And perhaps the more elaborate question will be, must we give up who we are banfsamoro be accepted as one of you?

Can Peace be Attained through the Bangsamoro Basic Law?

The BBL is currently under review of Congress who is tasked with passing it into law. Peace processes may break down, it is the peace in each of us that will matter. May I hence begin with a quick look at our history, with apologies to those who are already familiar or may even know more.


The six municipalities in Lanao del Norte and the 39 barangays in North Cotabato can be categorized as geographic areas, hence eligible to join the Bangsamoro.

Can Peace be Attained through the Bangsamoro Basic Law? | CBCP News

While the Palace was dismayed by the delayed ratification of the report by the House [25]Alvarez was ousted from baasic Speaker’s seat and replaced by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The committee should review the sections. Perhaps one silver lining of the crossfire in Mamasapano might be renewed public interest in the BBL and its contents.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The most significant points of the BBL are provisions for economic policies based on social justice and sustainable development Article XIIIwhich were pared down in the last version.

Fiscal autonomy and special development fund Regional government bwngsamoro under the ARMM must justify their funding before the Congress like other agencies. Given that the President has expressed full support of for the Basuc, the chances are good that this time around, a homeland for the Moro people, will finally come to pass, sooner than later.