Yet the biggest question remained unanswered: Rarely, if ever, have we disagreed on actually posting a piece. Many of them are under Or, he could have tried to make it a condition of the publication of the story, said McBride. The Glendale man is effusive about Vanderbilt, and her putter. On May 4, , McCord bestowed the blessing of positive contagion on Dr. V had spent an hour on the phone getting my specifications — the length of my fingers, the distance between my wrist and the ground, which of my eyes was dominant.

As the creator of Ping clubs, Solheim is the closest thing the game has to a lovable grandfather figure. She transitioned to living as a woman, Essay Anne Vanderbilt, 50 years later. And when I contacted Walter Reed, I was told the hospital had no way to prove she had ever worked there. Ultimately, it was my call. He told me not to take it personally and not to be intimidated. V to one of her investors; you need to address that mistake either within the piece, as a footnote, or in a separate piece entirely.

Kinney also recalled a trip he had taken to Arizona where, in Dr. Join thousands of azcentral. V to one of her investors while she was still alive.

As he reported, Hannan later wrote, he tried but could not verify those credentials. The rest were told it once belonged to a PGA Tour player. Inside was an Oracle putter with my name engraved on the back of its face. While their big break remained elusive, the putter had been mentioned on TV by a prominent golf announcer, and a reporter from a national sports and pop culture website was doing a story.


Dr. V’s Magical Putter

In it, he explained that he had helped Dr. The two had started a business to sell a golf club Vanderbilt had designed — the Yar Golf putterwhich they billed as a revolution in grantlanc science of the game.

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Friend blames timing of Gilbert inventor’s suicide on fear of impending article

During recovery, Vanderbilt talked about wanting a fresh start with everything, Storey said. When a feature reaches the point when we want to run it, we include input from Sean Fennessey our deputy editor and Megan Creydt our copy chief. Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from breaking news to great shopping deals around the Valley.

essay anne vanderbilt grantland

He was certainly right about that. Sure, her lies were more audacious than the embellishments found in late-night infomercials. She built a putter. But before that, I received a vandeerbilt mail from Jordan.

Picking which sneakers to wear or what bat to swing are relatively simple choices compared with selecting 14 clubs. Just the explanation for the hole in the putter itself was outlandish. For all the hassle that came with his partnership with Dr.

» The Dr. V Story: A Letter From the Editor

Those who knew her in the life she had created were helpful right up to the point where that new life began to look like a lie. The club had a small following of professionals and amateurs and had 16 dealers and representatives, mostly in Arizona, recommending it to clients and placing it in pro shops.


Caleb pitched the idea to Rafe Bartholomew, our talented features editor and an original Grantlander. Those who knew her in her past life refused to talk annf her. I am our third-oldest writer, as crazy as that sounds. We hope you have enjoyed your complimentary access.

She was an amazing lady. She later told Jordan her family had died in a tragic accident. McCord went on about the putter so much, his fellow announcers teased that he was filming an infomercial. It looked different from any other putter on the market. She was born a boy on July 12,in Philadelphia. Like everyone else involved with this story, I spent my weekend alternating vanddrbilt feeling miserable, hating myself and wondering what we could have done differently.

Neither of them had contacted me in months, since I had sent an email trying to confirm what I had discovered, and Jordan wrote back to deny everything.

essay anne vanderbilt grantland

I saw some but missed too much. There were even logical explanations for much of what I had uncovered: