Classical and Medieval Periods. Society, Culture, and Religion Cedar was known for its rot-proof characteris- Philo of Byblos, quoting the semi-legendary Phoe- tics, which made it the preferred wood for building nician historian Sanchuniathon, wrote that Byblos ships. Random House Trade Paperbacks Books. Jbeil has plenty of open air bars and clubs, which are usually open starting mid May or as soon as the weather starts to get warm. Texts only speak in general terms about the site stratigra- IV.

They advertise access to a private beach, but it is really just some concrete steps down into the water. About this same time the scribes of Byblos developed an alphabetic phonetic script, the precursor of our modern alphabet. At one point the Habiru at- part of the fortress serves as a museum housing ar- tack Byblos, forcing Rib-Addi to flee to Beirut. Plenty of hotels all over the city. Roman theater built near the sea. The pharaohs of the Old Kindgom needed the cedar and other wood for shipbuilding, tomb construction and funerary ritual. Bronze figurines covered in gold from the temple of Obelisks National Museum of Beirut.

In another instance, an Aramaic inscription from….

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Plenty of hotels all over the city. Along with lish through words like bibliography and Bible.

For other uses, see Byblos disambiguation. Because Byblos was the chief harbour for the export of cedar and other valuable wood to Egyptit soon became a great trading centre; it was called Kubna in ancient Egyptian and Gubla in Akkadian, the language of Assyria.


Byblos Old port is also home to many restaurants that mainly serve sea food from ibeil you can have a great-panoramic sea view.

The Middle Bronze Age produced well. By the beginning of the Early Bronze Age about B. The crusaders the cult image of Amun.

Byblos | ancient city, Lebanon |

Under Arab rule beginning A. The second sanctu- later are largely absent at Byblos.

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Cities of the Middle East and North Africa. Get in [ edit ] If you are coming from the north or from Beirut you can easily take a bus to Byblos. Its fortifications essy subsequently restored.

Lepcis Khoms Oyat Tripoli Tsabratan. One of the oldest Egyptian words for an oceangoing boat was “Byblos ship”. With the rise of Christianitya bishopric was established in Byblos, and the town grew rapidly. Traditional fisherman’s huts for rent in the heart of old Byblos.

The town was taken by Saladin inre-taken by the Crusaders, conquered by Baibars inbut it remained in the possession of the Embriacos until around Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. By that time, however, the Sidonian kingdom, with its capital at Tyrehad become dominant in Phoenicia, and Byblos, though it flourished into Roman times, never recovered its former supremacy.

Under Arab rule beginning A. This page was last edited on 13 Marchat For the defunct Japanese publisher Biblos, see Libre Publishing. The town subsequently sank into obscurity. Dunand dated the cemetery to the eign rulers. The Phoenician alphabet was developed at Byblos, and the site has yielded almost all of the known early Phoenician inscriptions, most of them dating from the 10th century bc.


During the Crusadesthis name appeared in European records as Gibelet and Giblet. The Harbor of Byblos.

Byblos is has many restaurants and cafes, including Lebanese, Chinese food and fast food restaurants such as Pizza Hut and McDonalds. This page was last edited on 8 Mayat Retrieved from ” https: And they called the city “Byblos” papyrus” in Greekbecause this commercial center was important in the papyrus trade. Jacques Cauvin published studies of flint tools from the stratified Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites in After the collapse of the Egyptian New Kingdom in the 11th century bcByblos became the foremost city of Phoenicia.

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You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. This town has the country’s only organized campsite, a pleasant, clean place with attractive beaches available to campers.