Christoph Priesner studied biology at the University of Bielefeld und graduated at its Technical Faculty on industrial up- und downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies. Final exam of Chriselle Mendonca on July 3, Since he is a full professor W2 for clinical pharmacology — early clinical trials and drug research at Hannover Medical School. In , he was appointed head of quality control according to German drug law. His focal research interests are the methodology of medical ethics, esp. Braun has a strong background in basic research and is involved in several public funded research collaborations e. Final exam of Tharini Ashtalakshmi Selvakumar June 4,

Final exam of Dorothea Bankwitz on September 5, Her research focuses on the development and bio-pharmaceutical evaluation of colloidal drug delivery systems mainly for dermal and mucosal administration. Gerdelmann worked, after completing his studies of biology, for nearly ten years as postgraduate and post-doc in scientific research at medical and biophysical university institutes. Cristina Afonso Physical sciences. After graduation, he first worked as a medical assistant in the Department of Cardiothoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery at the MHH, before he took over the clinical management of this department in He is an expert in oligonucleotides pharmacology, biomarker development and experienced in industry sponsored drug development collaborations.

His research focusses on chemoinformatics and chemometrics.

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Christine Hoffmann studied pharmacy in Braunschweig and is a certified pharmacist since Identification as prostaglandin-D synthase”. Our lecturers are actively involved in the different phases of translation including basic research, preclinical studies, and clinical studies.

Final exam of Wiebke Behrens December 22, Reviewer for journals e. He subsequently returned to Hamburg as research fellow, where he focused his scientific interest in the design and synthesis of novel antiproliferative agents.


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Conny Aerts Physical sciencesAsteroseismology. His research is focused on the discovery, the characterization and the optimization of novel antiinfective drugs.

Currently, he is group leader at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology in Braunschweig and visiting professor for Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics at the University 207 Hamburg. His research interests are focused on Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Bioorganometallic Chemistry and the biomedical properties of transition metal complexes in general.

Final exam of Maxi Scheiter on July 12, Scine she worked at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine with a strong focus in the establishment of allogeneic cell-based therapies. Carmen Puschmann has been working at corlife oHG since One further, but closely related focus of her work includes flow-cytometric quality control for Somatic Cell Therapy as well as Gene Therapy products, the determination of functional capability and multivariate immune reconstitution models to optimize the time points for cell-based therapies.

Drugs from biotechnical production. In addition, immunotoxicology is an important field of work.

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In Christoph Priesner changed to a biotech company in Hannover as a team leader and later Head of Quality Control and Qualified Person, involved in the development and manufacture of medicinal standard products as well as of advanced therapy investigational medicinal didsertation ATIMPboth derived from human tissue and blood.

Final exam of Natalia Torow September 22, Marcel Mertz has studied philosophy and sociology at the University of Basel and gained his PhD in philosophy at the University of Mannheim.

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Final exam of Dorothea Bankwitz on September 5, He is an experienced and competent person in training Ph. Amongst others he participated in major research collaborations with Ono Pharmaceutical, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Genentech and later major US universities and research institutions.


He is an expert in oligonucleotides pharmacology, biomarker development and experienced in industry sponsored drug development collaborations. All 200 goals have a clinical focus on the development and manufacturing of cell-based therapies including Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products ATMPs and the improvement of cell processing strategies.

There he was responsible for all aspects of the approval of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and therapeutic vaccines.

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Molecular and cellular characteristics of human and non-human primate multipotent stromal cells from the amnion and bone marrow during long term culture. A key focus of his activities is the question of leadership as a strategic resource.

In she and her group established the worldwide first allogeneic T-cell donor registry alloCELL www. Testimonials Read what our members say about AcademiaNet. His work is funded by different EU and federal research agencies. He was then able to expand his knowledge in this field when he took over as head of the group for third party funding, an interface between science and administration in During this time she worked in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

He disseftation appointed Chief Operations Officer in SinceSusanne Thiele has focused on science communication.