Gesture Workshop’96, York, UK. Since the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Latvia has been concerned with natural language processing, starting with problems such as storing and statistical analysis of historical and contemporary Latvian texts. Current advances in semantic theory, ed. Jazykovedny casopis, 45, , pp. Topic-Focus Articulation – A matter of langue or parole? Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and [[opthyphen]] Squirrely Semantic.

Berlin – Ney York. A View of Language Competence. The Department of English has about undergraduate students on its single honours programme, and a similar number doing joint honours. The main institutional goals and mandates are to develop research in high performance computer systems, computer networks, signal and data processing, language technologies and information retrieval; to promote international cooperation in the above areas of research. In AI laboratory studies of Latvian grammar were initiated. About 70 promising young specialists enter the post-graduate course annually. Multiple reclassification of subtexts makes possible analysis of some stylistic features which are hard to catch from a corpus made of samples.

Jezyk i technologia na Bialorusi. Institut Hongrois de Paris p. These relationships develop through the above mentioned countries universities visiting professors working at VMU, and the Lithuanian students participating in study programs abroad, as well as joint research projects.

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Szavak – nevek – helyek Kiss Lajos The generation of Romanian Morphology. Also research is being carried out to clarify serial processes in speech perception.

Several papers have been published on some grammatical phonological, morphological as well as syntactic peculiarities of spoken language. Several publishing and lexicography projects have been carried out in the department on a continuing basis in co-operation with major publishers.


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The text file is tagged by a morphological analyzer, designed for this particular task. I was the managing editor of eight books of scientific works on the above-mentioned problems.

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The department is engaged in international projects like Parole and Aventinus. A further step will be to pass from conceptual SP-models to symbolic SP-models. Special attention is being paid to bilingualism.

A multilingual text-to-speech real-time speech synthesizing system virae been developed for several languages Hungarian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Esperanto.

Writing versus speaking, ed. Thus far three volumes have been published I. IV – VIEditor-in-chief: Iasi University Publishing House, Iasi, pag.

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The Center has been established in to conduct basic research in artificial intelligence and to promote international scientific research. Czech, Germanic languages, currculum. The concept of CFRL was crystallized in the course of discussions of mids, attended by many dozens of academics. At the same time, theoretical research in general linguistics, syntax-semantics interface, discourse structure and Czech and English syntax is going on, with results respectively acknowledged in the linguistic and CL community, especially those concerning dependency syntax, topic-focus articulation and discourse structure.

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Moreover, the ET Pisa group has performed research work of lexical semantics, sentential complementation, tense and aspects, noun arguments and tranlation theory. This second direction of our research implies elaboration of a complex software system for a new kind of text processing aimed at discovery of hidden structures lying behind the text.


In the financial volume of the performed tasks exceeded thousand lats about KECU. For years the University of Latvia has been one of the leading ones in the world in the field of inductive synthesis. In the first chair of Computational Linguistics which is still the only one in Italy was created.

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The University was closed bfs the Nazi occupation and again in the Soviets denied its existence. Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, expert systems.

Do we co-refer to the same object? Late Computational Support for a Dictionary Project: The dictionary contains attested dialect words from all regions including Hungarian speaking regions outside of Hungary. Cuurriculum University Press, Pisa was one of the two Eurotra sites in Italy, dealing with lexical and strucural transfer, bilingual dictionaries as well as the implkementation of linguistic phenomena in generation. The theoretical frameworks used include autosegmental phonology, government and charm phonology, natural morphology, generative morphology, government and binding theory, lexical-functional grammar, discourse representation theory.