Global-local Contexts, Commitments, Consequences. Dryer, Dylan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Review of The Politics of Remediation: Literacy Practices of Bhutanese Refugees in the U. External collaborator researcher at Paris Institute of Astrophysics, France, as part of a scientific program in stellar physics. Terms of Work for Composition:

Organization of regular astronomical stargazing sessions one or two per month in an Atacama desert dark place for students of University of Antofagasta. Lexington, KY, 21 January Acteurs et contextes des discours universitaires. Reading and Writing the Politics of Language. Cambridge Scholars Press,

Rhetoric and Writing Across Language Junq. Conferences given in some Indonesian universities and research laboratories consecutively to the total solar eclipse of March 18, Working With Academic Literacies: Global Interrogations, Local Interventions.

Bertran de Lis, J.

Christian Nitschelm: Curriculum Vitae

Toward a Multilingual Pedagogy. A Progress Report”, in Living Together: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol. College Composition” W. Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Juna Rorimpandey

Seattle, WA, 10 May Continuation of my research job on the behalf of the Institute of Astronomy, Catholic University of the North, Antofagasta, Chile, still on the same subject “A Hipparcos based study of the binary population in nearby OB associations”. As author of five entries in the “Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers”, second edition, and with all other authors of this monumental chf, Donald E.


Julia Kiernan, University of Louisville.

One mission on astrometric observations of Earth-grazer asteroids using the one-meter telescope of Pic du Midi Observatory, France, and an ANDOR camera equipped with a wide angle in the framework of the observation of asteroid DA Alvarez, Curriiculum of Louisville. College Composition and Communication 56 Normal, IL, 10 November Udry, “The Earth as an extrasolar transiting planet: Review of Rethinking Basic Writing: The Sage Handbook of Rhetorical Studies.

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Utah State UP, Minneapolis, MN, 4 April Global-local Contexts, Commitments, Consequences. Lacerna, “The Lazy Giants: Corbett, Nancy Myers, and Gary Tate.

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Denver, CO, 16 March Ann Arbor, MI, 12 November Approaches to Resistance in Composition Studies. Rethinking English in Schools: Writing, Labor, and Language.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Disciplines, Languages, and Writing. Stellar population gradients as a function of galaxy environment”, Monthly Notices of vitad Royal Astronomical Society, 1, Pittsburgh, PA, 18 June Observation of some B stars with emission lines and fast evolution.