Any work-arounds for swapping the two? On systems that offer a command line you can try the command. Penn State University Thesis. Universiti Sains Malaysia Thesis. Universiti Putra Malaysia English version.

Sign up using Facebook. Universiti Putra Malaysia Bahasa Melayu. Email Required, but never shown. The Hints about tables and figures in LaTeX and Hints on adding figures to multicolumn environments documents deal with common problems. University of Aberdeen Thesis abdnthesis. Refer to that part of the wikibook or my forum post. Gdansk University of Technology Thesis.

This question already has an answer here: What this class file is compiling is the exact opposite. See the Configuring LaTeX document if you intend to install many packages.

cued thesis latex

You can use package etoc to create local tocs for each thezis. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Thesis. So, my question is – how can I tweak this and only this given class file to implement these two changes. See also the reference sheet CTAN has many bibliography styles in its bibtex section.

Remember, don’t type the 10 special characters such as dollar sign and backslash except as directed! Kuhn and AcroTeX by D.


cued thesis latex

These should only be used in their original sizes. Tampere University of Technology. Gdansk University of Technology Thesis. If you want an automated bibliography you will also have to run bibtex.

Biki Teron Biki Teron 1, 8 Add the following at the end of your preamble. Department of Engineering IT Services.

It’s installed on our teaching system. The second problem is with tweaking the format of the text displayed in the header of the chapter content pages viz. Chalmers University of Technology Master’s Thesis.

cued thesis latex

Of course, I would want all odd numbered pages which is where e. Memorial University Thesis manuscript format. Thesis for Sapienza – University of Rome. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Thesis.

Thesis – ShareLaTeX, Online LaTeX Editor

If you are using various sorts of cross referencing then you may have to run LaTeX more than once. Ignore everything the template suggests to do by putting percent signs at the start of those line, i. Indian Institute of Science Thesis.

University of Michigan Thesis. The output is not affected by adding extra spaces or extra blank lines to the input file.


PhD/MPhil Thesis – a LaTeX Template

LaTeX tends to take over the style decisions, but all the benefits of plain TeX are still present when it comes to doing maths. Carlisle, which solved my problem as tyesis work around. To print the output file you need to use another program. Universiti Putra Malaysia Bahasa Melayu.

CUED – PhD/MPhil Thesis – a LaTeX Template

The pstricks tutorial show how to use the pstricks package to produce line drawings Matlab graphics with LaTeX Maths The psfrag handout addresses the common problem of how to add LaTeX maths to a postscript file. Cied Thesis of University of Oxford.

Any work-arounds for swapping the two? Illogical twoside margins 3 answers. BaKoMa TeX might also be useful.