It also discusses their potential applications in future generations of devices that take advantage of the photonic and electronic devices eco-system based on transistors, light-emitting diodes, and lasers that have already been created by nitride semiconductors. Cu and HfO 2 were used for the gate metal and dielectric film, respectively. Due to the availability of relatively high-quality free-standing bulk GaN substrates, the research and development of vertical GaN devices on GaN substrates has made significant progress in recent years, and various transistors and diodes based on vertical GaN with excellent characteristics have been reported. Enter journal name and comment: The Japan Society of Applied Physics JSAP serves as an academic interface between science and engineering and an interactive platform for academia and the industry. The performance of the resulting device is numerically demonstrated via versatile wave-steering phenomena. Accepted directly Write a review.

The distribution of small defects and SBDs with unusually large leakage currents showed similar patterns on the substrate, suggesting that these defects were responsible for the onset of fatal leak paths. Yuki Hibino University of Tokyo. Kenji Hamada Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. We first compared the two commonly used approaches regarding the relative substrate and precursor positions, namely, horizontal and face-down configurations where face-down approach is found to be more favorable to obtain larger flakes under identical growth conditions. The implied pseudo-efficiency of the unmasked cell, i. However, the lattice constants of the GaN wafer grown by this technique expanded due to oxygen concentration in pyramidal facets. Experts in the fields of plasma processing have contributed to addressing the increasingly challenging demands of nanoscale deposition and etching technologies for high-aspect-ratio features.

Due to the strong coupling of photons and covsr, the waveguide of exciton—polariton wave shows an anomalously slow group velocity compared with the uncoupled light, lette could be applied in information storage and processing. Here, we study the propagation of exciton—polaritons in real space and the population evolution in momentum space in a one-dimensional ZnO microwire at room temperature.


Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Optical antennas can work as nano-light sources in the visible region.

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Takuo Hiratani Tokyo Institute of Technology. The results of the field strength and field direction of all samples are in excellent agreement with values predicted by theory and a capacitance—voltage based Poisson-carrier transport simulation approach giving experimental evidence for a nonlinear increasing polarization field with Al-concentration. We have studied leter impact on the surface orientation of different sputtered Al layers followed by AlN layers sputtered on m-plane sapphire.

These results can serve as important references for future developments of Jja; power electronics. Electrical characterization revealed a 2DEG for Sc 0. The etching process revealed etched grooves and etched pits, indicating the presence of line-shaped voids and small defects near the surface, respectively.


From the viewpoint of consistency with experimental measurements, our model seems to be suitable for describing lehter conduction in poly-Si under steady-state conditions. These moth-eye structures effectively suppressed the reflection of incident light. Thin-film transistors TFTs using metal oxide semiconductors are very promising as driving elements of next-generation displays, and their development is rapidly progressing. The speed is still relatively fast, and there is English polish in the later stage, but the cost is really high.

Send a Note to Administrator. Total number of papers submitted to APEX each year from to Important device characteristics such as field-effect mobility and saturation current were maintained throughout the mechanical tests, providing evidence for the phenomenal flexibility.

Si spintronics attracts ketter attention in a decade. You can also sign up for monthly e-mail alerts to recieve links to the Spotlighted papers. Hiroshi Hashizume Meijo University. JJAP has thousands of articles every year, and it still has a certain lstter. First, the forces acting on a nanoparticle are analyzed and a theoretical healing voltage curve is calculated. Electric field control of magnetism has been proposed as a new information writing method for a magnetic recordings.


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They also exhibited improved BV compared with mesa-etched devices. Since the first success of room temperature RT spin transport in n-type degenerate Si jkapmuch effort has been paid for realization of Si spin MOSFET in order to construct spin-based logic systems, such as a reconfigurable logic circuit using the Sugahara-Tanaka type spin transistors.

The Japan Society of Applied Coger JSAP serves as an academic interface between science and engineering and an interactive platform for academia and the industry.

This brings TERS to a new level, where both resonant Raman and plasmonic enhancement can letetr invoked simultaneously. This result shows that the magnetic anisotropy can be modulated by an electric field even when nonmagnetic Pd is inserted at the interface formed by the magnetic layer and insulator.

Using radiation-mode optical microscopy we developed [Nat. The plasmonic resonance of an antenna depends on its length; thus, by varying the length, one can tune the enhancement in TERS for a given excitation letted. The ITO has low saturable absorption intensity with the advantages of electric field enhancement. People who do physics in Japan really disdain the influence factor!

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The electrical resistance of Ga-Na melt used for gallium nitride crystal growth on a Na flux was investigated with the four-point probe method. The probe diagnostic must be stable, compact, easy, exhibiting negligible disturbance to a plasma and materials processing.