You do not have to have all of the types listed below as proof of the relationship; supply as many as you like. We always recommend having legal assistance while filing a case. The download should begin automatically. I have already sent our joint bank acct info, rental agreement, and joint insurance policies. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. While the USCIS instructions for the I say that evidence should cover the entire period from your marriage up to the present date, there is no need to repeat evidence that you already submitted to them earlier.

Skip and Download Skip and Download. The materials, which show a merging of our personal and financial lives since marriage May 1, , are organized in tab dividers for your convenience. Stay concise and to the point. Name of immigrant K-1 visa spouse , Alien registration number Name of immigrant K-2 visa child , Alien registration number. Ask our VJ Immigration Lawyers. In case you’re still feeling a little lost while writing your Form I cover letter, here are a few useful tips:. How to Write an I Cover Letter.

Edited by soniamull, 02 March – Posted 03 March – Tax transcripts from the IRS are still the preferred method.

cover letter for rfe i-751

If you do not understand all the questions or statements, please consult with a lawyer. If you believe Modern Sporting Rifles have a legitimate use, please like, share and participate on: Send new evidence, even if only updated versions of what you sent before, but don’t send exactly what you sent before.


How to Write an I-751 Cover Letter

Greencard 2yr Conditional in hand. Right now it might be seen as a “hijacking” rfd which is likely to get it removed altogether. Naturalization, None lo Posted 30 August – We never heard from them!

You are not required to send the marriage certificate again. Back to Removing conditions I Ask our VJ Immigration Lawyers. Many couples submit no evidence whatsoever covering the period before their first interview. Thank you Happy Chic.

You can also create a new cover letter with it. Do not forget that denial of your case can fo in a permanent ban. You do not have to have all of the types listed below as proof of the relationship; supply as many as you like. You have feet in your shoes.

10 Tips “how to reply” to a RFE – Request for Evidence. – Immigration Law Blog

Posted September 3, Do not be late. Make sure you are mailing it to the right address. For assembling, we tried following these instructions to the tee: There are a variety of documentations that you may submit.


Make no room of any suspicion you are proving something that needs more evidence. CSC returned original docs that were submitted at the time of application. Posted September 2, A good lawyer i7-51 make a big difference for the final outcome of your case. Subsequently we discovered VisaJourney.

A copy of your joint tax returns. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. It seems like a lot of evidence!

cover letter for rfe i-751

Medical Exams — A caller explained that the civil surgeon who completed the medical exam used the wrong form and then wanted to charge an indigent refugee to reprocess the paperwork on the correct form. My I application is not denied, they just need an additional and updated documents from me, thank you for your the good info. Having dealt with so many RFEs, we have noticed that many people do not want to read the RFEs properly or they simply do not understand the lingo.

cover letter for rfe i-751