Some environments may be nested. If you refer to a sub-system in that description, then you can describe it somewhere else, again sticking to a suitable level. It may be because it solves some important theoretical problem. Your thesis will be listed in FindIt Bham , and the Library will forward the details for publication in the index to theses. The packages were up to date and available on Babbage at the time of writing May except for ntheorem. Windows users will probably have to install jfig, available for download at http:

In other cases your own analysis provides a conceptual framework that makes it easier to expound and classify or criticise the work of others. Included here with Ata’s permission: Use an automatic spelling checker if possible, to help you find most errors. What limitations the program has and why. An environment is opened with:. In answer to a question from a PhD student about the knowledge a PhD student should produce Ata Kaban wrote I’ve just started to supervise so I’ve spent a few thoughts on the issue.

Good examples of expositions using scenarios latdx the theses by Winograd and Sussman. But be clear whether this is an empirical or a mathematical result. Certainly if you define technical terms “the frame problem” or abbreviations “ATMS” or acronyms make sure you have a list giving page numbers where they are defined.

bham thesis latex

Generally you should try S or R to suppress errors and let TeX handle them as it sees best, or you could learn TeX inside out and deal with the errors thesiw, you will probably have to deal with errors some day. The eepic image not a bitmapped image but a LaTeX document containing the relevant markup required to produce the desired effect, for example:.

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Lxtex any material is included in your thesis which is a result of collaborative working, you must include details of how much of the work is your own and how much is that of other people. It should be adequately referenced. Criticising the work of others Remember that before refuting X you should present thesiz views of X in as strong and convincing a form as possible: What limitations the program has and why.


There is no point arguing against a view that only a fool would support. If it is a problem solving program what kinds of solutions can it generate. Program output and tracing Give examples of “trace” printing produced by your program running, but make sure the examples are carefully selected to highlight interesting points. Install A TeX Distribution 2.

Choose bbam level of description and stick to it.

Auto-compile helps users new to LaTeX to find errors in their syntax quickly and easily, and encourages them to fix them as they go, to produce clean, error-free documents. The original material is then hidden from the marker, either by not referencing it properly, by paraphrasing it or by not mentioning it at all.

Does the program allow new predictions of human behaviour to be made when given appropriate inputs? There’s more useful stuff by Marie desJardinsDept. You can find a selection of featured templatesor check out our full template gallery for more ideas and inspiration.

Evaluation of a theory in cognitive science might include doing experiments on people even if you have not done them you should say which experiments would be relevant. If you’re new to LaTeX, we’ve laatex together a free online course to help you learn the basics. If you give examples of scenarios make sure you indicate clearly which can and which cannot be done by your program. If the data refute some previously believed theory then that can be a useful piece of research.

Don’t bother to comment on all the details, but for all the main features, or at the least the features that you think worthy of mention, be very clear as to whether you chose them because You are trying to model something that you think works in the same manner patex your program. One may specify the title to be used for the section in the TOC in the options section [ Further information in relation to this is contained on the webpage below.


While you are preparing the text keep a file listing all the items ltaex be inserted by hand, then before you make photocopies go through that list carefully, ensuring that you have made all the inserts. This is wasteful for everyone and we should try to move to a situation where most theses are accepted first time, and where none of the re-writing requested is simply to improve presentation or organisation.

That may mean something or nothing to you, but the important part is this: TeX is a program which manipulates the TeX language used to describe the structure of a document. Presentation may seem relatively unimportant, but part of what is being assessed is tuesis ability to communicate “Doctor” once meant “teacher”.

bham thesis latex

There are two main strategies that can be followed. Avoid vagueness, imprecision, etc.

Presenting your thesis

This is one way in which clear section headings are useful. This offer is also open to students and staff from other parts of the university until June as a trial service.

Welcome to the Birmingham quick start guide to Overleaf. This includes being honest about what the work does not achieve.