Een voldoende op je vwo-Engels is aan te bevelen omdat de opleiding Engelstalig is. Why study this programme in Groningen? Voor de beste gebruikerservaring en correcte werking van deze website dient u javascript in te schakelen. For more information, please check our site at http: Do you want to know more about the business strategies of multinational corporations that operate in various countries? The business world and the profession are becoming increasingly internationally oriented.

Ik kan oprecht zeggen dat ik me geen nummer voel. And would you like to work in an international environment? Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. Naast mijn studie ben ik actief geweest voor zowel studievereniging Synergy als in de Opleidingscommissie van bedrijfskunde. Momenteel ben ik vijfdejaars student bedrijfskunde aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Dutch students International students. This makes for a very varied programme, so it’s good preparation for the varied labour market!

Your position thess these kind of organisations can vary from export manager or international marketer, to international sales manager, product manager or human resource manager. Product manager and process technologist are jobs often offered to our graduates. During the past few years, the Nijmegen School of Management has paved the way forward, further embracing the goal of internationalization.

This is merely an indication of required background knowledge.

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration – Radboud University

Applications are evaluated on a continuous basis. He also facilitated for MA students to study abroad at his home institute. Nijmegen, a lively student city. The final stage of bedrijfskunfe Bachelor’s programme is the writing of a thesis.


bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

Where scientists come together, new insights emerge. Education Bachelor’s degree programmes International Business.

Nijmegen School of Management – Millian

We never confine ourselves to our own country but look at other countries and cultures as well. All students have to apply in Studielink before 15 January in order to enter the selection procedure. Because of your business training, you can quickly find work in management positions.

bachelor thesis ru bedrijfskunde

For the complete curriculum, please visit: Apply now Dutch students International students. Een bedrijfksunde is voor LHBT lesbische, homoseksuele, biseksuele en transgender ouderen vaak een hoge drempel. The programme is about business theories as well as organisations and their settings. For more information thewis our Master programmes and all the specializations, please visit our website www.

Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. Your fellow students and lecturers come from the Netherlands and abroad.

Nijmegen School of Management

You will be taught a wider range of perspectives than ‘just’ economics or IT in organisations. You will be offered study advice after first year of study. Will it fit in the production line? It is the intellectual understanding and their sensitivity to differences in perceptions and approaches that equips international business students to correctly analyse situations and to determine effective responses.


Recent Post by Page. The faculty organizes several international projects, maintains an extensive international network and connects thfsis students and researchers through its education and research. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and is centrally located in Europe. This allows our students to choose their specialization already in their second Bachelor’s year.

International Business

Ik ben bezig met een afstudeerstage waarbij mijn onderzoek ingaat op de implementatie van Het Nieuwe Werken binnen Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen. You will look at the ins and outs of how a business operates and how businesses deal with internal and external changes. You can think of: Once you have met the requirements of the first part of the programme, ideally by the end of the second year, you will spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities in Europe, Latin America, Australia, North America, or Asia.

Example course units in the Production technology and logistics specialization are: Do not hesitate to contact us.