We use cookies to improve your experience. Footnotes should be used whenever ideas are discussed or when sources are summarised, paraphrased or quoted , unless the full source is already provided in text. Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law 3, If an article is available in both print and online formats, cite the print version. Sections are indicated by an ‘s’ followed by a space and the section number. For further details and examples of citations refer to:

Italicise book titles and place chapter titles within single quote marks. Where a committee is from one chamber and this is not evident, then the name of the chamber is added before the committee name, as in the addition of ‘Senate’ in the example below. The first listed source refers to the second source. Research Integrity Support eResearch. When a particular source is cited more than once in a paper, the full bibliographic details should only be provided in the first instance.

Check with your unit chair, lecturer or tutor to determine if you are required to compile a bibliography for your assignment. Sidney Tilmouth, ‘Courtroom Advocacy: The number annotatedd appear after any relevant punctuation, such as a full stop or a comma. For further details and examples of citations refer to: For more information check the following: Committee, Legislature, Title year pinpoint.

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Use ‘n’ to refer to a source that has been cited in a previous footnote other than the immediately preceding footnote. Omit date if none is shown. Division of Student Life.


Title of Bill year Abbreviation of jurisdiction pinpoint.

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Hard copy Include date of chapter update, if provided. Where a committee is from one chamber and this is not evident, then the name of the chamber is added before the committee name, as in the addition of ‘Senate’ in the example below. Pinpoints following the short title in subsequent references refer only to items within that portion of the Act.

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These arguments for and against the floating of charges are matters for Parliament rather than the courts and have been the subject of public debate in and out of Parliament for more than a annotaetd. This style is allocated by the court. An author should only be cited if indicated on the webpage being cited, such as on a blog post. A bibliography is generally divided into the sections shown below. Case Law Case Law Print friendly version of this section.

For sources authored by a body for example a non-government organisation or a government departmentplace the name of the body in the author position. Where there are works by authors with the same surname, the authors full name should be included to avoid ambiguity. The author’s first name and surname should be inverted and separated annohated a comma.

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You consent to the use of our cookies if you proceed. Referencing is necessary to avoid plagiarism, to verity quotes and to enable readers to identify and consult any item to follow-up a cited author’s arguments.


If an e-book is also available in print, cite as a print book source. If a government department is the author and the jurisdiction is not evident by the name, the abbreviated jurisdiction should be included biblikgraphy parentheses.

A date annotaed retrieval is not required. See AGLC rule 1.

Where the author and web page are identical, the author should not be included. Issue number is in round brackets immediately after the volume number. Refer to the page or paragraph number. Author s Name as it appears in the source. VU Home Library Guides.

Articles appearing in journals that are only available online should, to the extent possible, be cited the same way as hard copy journal articles. Do not use a full stop at the end of bibliography entries unlike footnotes which always end with a full stop.

annotated bibliography aglc

Concerns and complaints Concerns or complaints information. If an article appears in a named section of a newspaper and the section is independently paginated, the name of the section should be included in italics before the title of annotted newspaper.