Students should check with their advisors about the protocol for oral exams within the department or program. Students conducting Honors projects engage in in-depth, independent research on a topic of their own choosing under the guidance of a faculty advisor. So the best reason to do a thesis and the key prerequisite to a successful one is deep interest in the topic chosen. After your project is approved, all questions regarding honors should be directed to the Charles Center. Only corrections of minor typographical or mechanical errors will be allowed. The project entails a full year of substantial reading and original research. Following the honors defense in the second term of the project, a final grade for both Honors and will be determined by the examining committee.

Any current William and Mary faculty member who is eligible to assign grades may serve on an Honors committee, including visiting and adjunct faculty. Please bear in mind that some faculty may not feel able to take on a supervision because the project is too far from their specialization, because they are going on leave, or because of other commitments including other supervisions. Students conducting Honors projects engage in in-depth, independent research on a topic of their own choosing under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The Charles Center lists completed theses , and the Government Department keeps copies. This Application form is due by Noon on the first day of class of the semester in which the student is to begin the Honors project.

Swem Library does not coordinate binding of theses. Who is responsible for submitting this? Keep in mind that the reporting deadlines:. Students with a 3. Honors Committee In addition to your honors advisor, you need to select 2 other faculty members to serve as your honors committee. You must have at least a 3.


Should you do an Honors project? Although the Honors Program is administered through the Charles Center, economics majors interested in the Honors Program should read these departmental guidelines carefully. After the oral exam, the committee may instruct the candidate to correct any errors hinors during the evaluation process. A project proposal consists of:. Once the Department approves the project it will pass the Charles Center form on and the tuesis eligibility will be certified there.

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This usually means the second semester of your junior year. The form should confirm that major progress has been made toward completion of the thesis, including a research design and literature review which must be attached to the form. Once the honord recommendations are submitted the formal committee yhesis will be made by the Charles Center through an email to the committee chair with copies to the remaining committee members and the Honors student. The student and advisor must agree to firm new deadlines for the thesis and the defense and must submit these deadlines to the Charles Center.

Project Proposal During the summer between your junior and senior years, you will read widely about your chosen topic. Honors students should take at least one cover sheet to the defense in order to collect the signatures of the committee members.

The candidate is also responsible for checking with his or her home department and thesis director for any additional deadlines that may be tjesis, and for meeting those deadlines.

When deciding whether to take on an Honors project, students should have a great personal interest in the topic.

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Do the committee copies have to be on acid free paper? This indicates excellent work that fully meets expectations.

There is some funding available to support your summer pre-honors research. The Honors Program provides a special opportunity for you to work on a large project of your own. It is also essential to have completed Governmenteither by the end of junior year or at the very latest, fall semester of the senior year. Proposals are normally three to five pages in length.


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If you are considering an independent research project, please consider enrolling in this class. Each examining committee must consist of three or more faculty members, with representation from at least two academic departments. Are there guidelines for submission of the thesis honos archives? Advisors will receive email instructions on how to do so prior to the deadlines.

After it’s signed, a copy of this page will come to the Charles Center so that the level of Honors may be recorded. Geology only awards Honors and High Honors to successful projects.

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You will also prepare a formal honors proposal for the department to evaluate in September. The Honors advisor is responsible for submitting the grade for and the Registrar’s Office will then change the grade for to match the grade.

This professor will supervise and help guide your project.

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For example, a department or program may require that a draft of the entire thesis is ready for final honore by April 1. Junior year AND a 3. Students are supervised by a member of the Department and at the end of the year face an oral examination from the supervisor, another Government faculty member, and a third faculty member from another Department.