Manuscript length may vary and is at the discretion of the Advisory Committee, although the intent is to emulate the norms of publication or presentation in the discipline. Choosing the format The format and style of a thesis may differ from department to department, and from discipline to discipline. The different chapters or sections will contribute to the general theme, but the substance of each chapter should focus on a different aspect of the research. You might be interested in Support. There can be alternate ways in which to revise a manuscript that is presented as a chapter within a thesis. Chapters of the thesis need to be numbered sequentially.

Are you doing everything you need to do to ensure you will graduate within the timeline given for your degree? A manuscript-style thesis is a document that includes one or more scholarly manuscripts written in a manner suitable for publication in appropriate venues. Students are financially responsible for any payments given in error. Students should seek guidance from their supervisor regarding the use of a style manual appropriate to the academic discipline in which they are working, as well as other guides needed to write correctly and effectively. The relationship between you and your supervisor plays an important role in your success. Departments and disciplines usually have a preference for the way in which references are cited.

ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) – Students – University of Saskatchewan

Call ahead for current price and time estimates. Career coaches and assessments. If there are changes suggested to published manuscripts i. Copies of the letters of permission or licenses must be available upon request and may be tempkate within the thesis as appendices.

usask thesis template

Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree. The department’s notification will indicate the definitive title of the thesis and will suggest names of proposed external examiners, with appropriate biographical information. A manuscript-style thesis allows a student to prepare and present his or her graduate research work in a format that facilitates publication.


usask thesis template

It is the student’s responsibility to deliver copies of the thesis to members of the Advisory Committee. Consultation with the Office of Research Services and the CGPS is recommended if there are any questions regarding patentable or commercializable material.

Student Learning Services provices the the following workshops and resources: Careful attention must be paid to any previous agreements signed regarding ownership of research findings. References These can either be listed chapter-by-chapter, or be presented in a single list at the end of thesiss thesis. If a figure shows more than one relationship, each relationship should be properly labelled with the appropriate axis.

This list includes the number of each figure, the title, and the page number. These templates templatee be used for a variety of pieces, from internal memos to posters to newsletters. Use these templates to build your ad, then contact the unit that controls the screen to get your word out!

Consistency will help maintain the integrity theesis the document as a cohesive whole and sustain the clarity required to facilitate the review of the thesis by the Advisory Committee and Examining Committee. Any change in the level of the argument, such as a change in the rigor, a change in terms of empirical content, or definitions of key words or concepts should be put in the form of a note. In the case of usaso Ph. The first line is indented.

Manuscript-Style Theses and Dissertations – Students – University of Saskatchewan

Chapter layout Chapters of the thesis need to be numbered sequentially. The introduction should establish the central aim and themes of the research and explain how these are addressed in the various manuscripts making up the thesis.


You must provide verifying information, including date of birth, program and unit affiliation. The content of this single page is left to the discretion of the author.

Students hold copyright to their thesis even when agreements have been reached with other parties regarding ownership of some parts of the research material. Using the templates gives you a great starting point for almost any project. Manuscript length may vary and is at the discretion of the Advisory Committee, although the intent is to emulate the norms of publication or presentation tuesis the discipline.

usask thesis template

It is the responsibility of the student to make all revisions and corrections of the thesis required usaks the Examining Committee. This policy does not apply to course-based or project students.

The manuscript-style thesis may include both published and unpublished manuscripts. Please allow ample time for these requests to be processed. This consideration is for published manuscripts only.

It is understood that any copying or etmplate of the thesis in any manner in whole or in part for financial gain requires the permission of the author. In the normal course of events during the student’s Program of Studies, it will become evident to the research supervisor and other members of the Advisory Committee that the student’s research progress is sufficient to indicate that writing of the thesis ought to commence.

If no content has changed from the published version, there should still be a statement that indicates that the document has been reformatted from the original version for inclusion in the thesis. There is no ysask to the number of co-authors.