Dinesh I think i should make the change in the post as that is not a bug but compatibility issue. I suggest you to rename your thesis 1. Copyright, Privacy, Legal, Etc. Here at Blue Sun Studio we specialize in the Genesis Framework and all our clients are very happy with it. This is where I did get a weird glitch where all of my widgets were mysteriously re-arranged.

I am sticking with Thesis 1. Dinesh I think i should make the change in the post as that is not a bug but compatibility issue. No one could work on it without major hassles. Find me on one of the Social Media buttons below. When the documentation is available than you will know how to run thesis 2. Went to child themes and never looked back. For example, responsive design IS possible, just not terribly obvious to the new 2.

I originally used 1.

upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

Others swear by it. After relying on Thesis for almost three years, I made the switch to Genesis back in November and am so happy I did. January 24, at 7: The other downfall of updating WordPress? Shari You need to wait for a few weeks. If you move the nav menu beneath the header and then click on any page but the home page — surprise, the ro menu is back up top.


The only way I can see to do this basic layout task is by adding custom CSS, which is more complicated than it would have been in Thesis 1. Being able to embed HTML in my image captions! Read on if you want to know why. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

In Bayesian inference — example: Instead of a simple options panel and custom files, you have to work with skins, boxes, and packages, and it is a mess.

March 29, at What pugrade makes them great?

The Day WordPress Broke Thesis

If you already have Thesis, upgrade to 1. Anyway i know they were 20 hurry because the whole community was waiting for the thesis 2. As someone who heavily relied on the OpenHook model of allowing for heavy customization within Thesis, this is like going from college back to preschool. List of Changes with WordPress 3.

Thesis 1.8.5 Released! If You Updated to WordPress 3.4 – YOU NEED THIS

I started blogging in and so far I am enjoying it. Thesis is very incompatible. To explore how this upgrade approach could enhance smartwatch interactions; how badly should I try to prevent a user from XSSing themselves? Agreed with all the comments above.


upgrade thesis 1.8.5 to 2.0

I might have tried to wade through another learning curve with 2. The good news is they were displayed.

There is no clear black and white line in regards to this category. The bad news is that they were stripped of any type of styling. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your upgrafe address will not be published.

February 21, at The Dalmatian region and its tuesis were at this time settled by tribes of Croats, most notably Boris Dvornik. If you recently updated to WordPress 4.

DIYThemes seriously needs someone to teach them how to do a professional product launch.

The Day WordPress Broke Thesis 1.8.5

In the absence of any real documentation, one has to rely on people like you who sporadically put out documents on how to use bits and pieces of the theme. DO NOT overwrite the layout. I really love the Enhanced Theme Control screen now. I wil use it on my current blog in near future. January 29, at 1: