Name required Email Address required. Warning though, the teachers have wildly different standards. Please note that you will need to drop off your artwork by 8th period on Friday to the Student Leadership Room Junior Mia Yang echoes this sentiment but adds that this change may benefit students in terms of stress and well-being. But we need your help. It is important to recognize that Jefferson is not removing summer assignments as a whole, however.

The prospect was first conceived several months ago in response to voices of concern from the Jefferson community questioning the worth of summer assignments. Before running for office, please keep in mind that you are making a public declaration that you are committed to working for your fellow students. Senior 1 month ago Overall Experience Report. Please note that you will need to drop off your artwork by 8th period on Friday to the Student Leadership Room Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute

See you in February, TJ!

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I transferred here after my freshman year at Westfield, and found that the so-called “nerds” at TJ were jomework more cliquey and exclusionary than normal high school students, and had an inflamed sense of superiority. Tough courseload, nice mostly liberal people. So I think [having the summer assignment] is helpful for the students so that they can come prepared. In addition, if you have any specific questions for the administration, you can use the attached form and, in the new year, tihsst will make sure to post the answers on the SGA account once a week.

Set up a reunion site on Reunion Manager, Inc now so when you want to hold your first reunion it will be thjsst, and you’ll have everyone information in one convienent place for all time.


As all homecoming events came to a conclusion on Oct. Happy New Year, TJ, and we hope to hear from you soon! It was not the fanciest facility or location, although the peer group expanded my horizons and view of the world.

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There’s also yomework to be opportunities for humanities students with the new humanities research lab next year. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. As an upperclassmen illustrated, our life through Jefferson is a book, and those who experience homecoming are chapters in their stories. With freshman year summer assignments in particular, difficulty in communication was another pushing factor in this policy change.

If you have any questions, feel free to email sga. Please PM me if you have memories from classes or clubs that you would like to share.

The school provided so many experiences for me to tjhszt find my passion and explore different paths through the courses offered. On the other hand, TJ is also plagued by a consistent mix of complaints about teachers and schoolwork which are at times exaggerated, but almost always have a valid foundation and “humble bragging”, where students brag while simultaneously framing their accomplishments as nothing much.

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tjhsst homework policy

Glazer it was brought up that students can at times feel out of the loop regarding issues such as construction and new policies. However, he does agree that the required summer assignments policy should be amended.

Sean Nguyen … Secretary: Senior 3 months ago Overall Experience Report. We want to ensure that your club can make the most of JDay and are crystal clear about how to navigate the regulations. We are a community of athletics that is disregarded due to our academic curriculum; therefore, it was necessary that [other] high school students understood through the spirit video that our athletics program is parallel to theirs.


We hope everyone had an amazing iDay! Good resources for mental health available. Please help us collect words that describe each of the teachers at TJ.

Concerned voices from parents and students about the stress they undergo every summer has spurred administration to take action and reconsider the current policy. International Day — with Jelena Liu and 4 others. On this note, Bonitatibus points out that students will often take steps to become better at classes they are interested in without the need for required assignments— if materials are provided over the summer, students will likely take initiative to prepare for a course on their own.

Homework Expectations Committee sets standards of homework for the school year – tjTODAY

The New Terror of Chernobyl. Freshman 5 months ago Overall Experience Report. Warning though, the teachers have wildly different standards. Wear the shirt of the college you’ll be attending next year! The people there are interesting and motivated and many will make very good relationships with their peers.

tjhsst homework policy

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