They were involved in my RAP as if it was their own. We all know that there are organisations and individuals who are quite happy to encourage cheating by selling projects or writing them for students. Aspects of financial performance may be highlighted by appropriate use of ratio analysis. Give them a trial! I want to say thank you to Obutraining.

Key information from the document is presented here. J Whitaker and Sons. Saunders quotes the advice of The Economist that a minimum sample size of 30 for statistical analysis provides a useful rule of thumb. You have already demonstrated your undergraduate level abilities by passing the ACCA exams; the RAP provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the remaining graduate level attributes necessary for the award of the BSc degree. You agree to pay any such taxes that might be applicable research paper on guillain-barre syndrome fee use of the Services and theses made by you under these Terms.

Special thanks goes to my mentor Adewunmi Obadina.

If you are awarded a Fail grade on the first RAP submission you will be allowed up to two further RAP submissions, if you are within your 10 year limit. I made it at first attempt Pascal Ukoha. Making reference to other authors in your own written work is called citing.

Demystifying Research A useful first step is to demystify research and the research process as it relates to your RAP. How to apply for Mitigating Circumstances You can only apply for mitigating circumstances if you are eligible to submit a RAP see page 10 Please email acca brookes.

Mentor has not The presentation been included. At the end of the piece, you provide a list of all those authors, giving full details of what their work is called, and where it was published. Mostly the clients worry that their work might not sound as professional as it should. The need to ensure that your report demonstrates the required analytical and evaluative skills will be important whatever your choice of topic area.



These are split into 3 distinct areas:. Questionnaires adopting the Likert scale facilitate rigorous analysis, though a combination of closed and open questions can be acceptable. All projects which are suspected of containing plagiarised material or of being the result of other misconduct collusion or cheating are referred to one of our academic conduct officers ACOs.

Evidence — you must include documentary evidence from an authoritative third party e. Give them a trial!

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I have had this problem. To pass the ‘self-reflection’ component of the SLS, you have to make a reasonable attempt to address all of the four SLS questions. A common error is to rely far too much on a single source of information – e.

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Presentation Your Research Report must be word processed using A4 size pages. Analysis of questionnaire or interview responses should be systematic and comprehensive. Students seem to have some problems with analysis and evaluation. As many of us have discovered to our embarrassment, idioms and phrases used in our own families may be unknown in the outside world. If any of the seven criteria above do not meet the minimum assessment criteria your RAP will be failed.

Your Mentor should encourage you to think about what you propose to do in your RAP work, challenge you to demonstrate that you are meeting your project objectives and 39 Part 3 — Suubmission Payment can be made using a credit or debit card.

Obu thesis submission fee

How have you demonstrated your interpersonal and communication skills during the project work? The degree is regulated by the Universities governing body in the UK which lays down specific requirements and checks in the process before a degree can be confirmed and also as OBU and ACCA are producing the programme jointly, both bodies are involved in the procedure.


In particular, your submitted RAP must be your own work and your research must have been undertaken specifically for the RAP. You can find mentors using the map or a list. This penalty could also apply to any other member involved in the misconduct, including any student whose work was copied. You should not include written text that properly belongs in the main body of your Research Report. Will you structure my project for me?

obu thesis submission fee

The following information is intended as a ffe and should submisslon read in conjunction with the University regulations on mitigating circumstances: Select and apply appropriate accounting and financial management techniques to organisational business planning, decision-making and control. The markers and moderators are very experienced at being the recipients of presentations and so can easily make a judgement as to the likelihood of the slides being reasonably presented during a 15 minute presentation.

While this is not a reason for failure in itself, it often leads to certain important requirements being omitted from the report, which is a cause of failure.

obu thesis submission fee

Should you feel it necessary to make a refund request, we will immediately forward obu order to our Quality Assurance Department.