Understand the limitations of accounting techniques and the implications of such limitations. Who can be my mentor? Pls give it a trial. There is no appeals process for applicants who are not awarded a bursary. This must be done before sitting any of the three papers.

Sparkles Soft is a global online academic writing business, aiming at providing the best quality non plagiarized content for their clients at inexpensive and affordable prices. Analysis of questionnaire or interview responses should be systematic and comprehensive. Thus the full degree comprises eleven elements: Click here to sign up. Moreover, it felt like my mentor transferred his level of confidence and skill to me during our three meetings. B at 1st attempt Odeyemi Abidemi.

Please note that you must inform Oxford Brookes University of any changes in name and address that take place after submission of your project, and before the results date. You should be interested in the progress of the Project but you are not expected to be a tutor.

Ethics Module & RAP Submission Dates Period 38, May 2019

The first is focused on you and is to support your preparation of the RAP, by providing advice and feedback to you at appropriate times. Your Mentor may focus on the following issues in the third meeting: You may wish to reflect on this list of attributes when making your own choice of Mentor.

The fact is, I didn’t believe I could have an A grade. Give your Mentor sufficient time to read what thrsis have written and be ready to give sumbission of your ideas.


Similarly the deadline for registering as a mentor for period 38 submissions is 31 March The full time availability of our representatives further ensures the efficiency of our work. And without conclusions it is very hard to get to a Pass standard!

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Demystifying Research A useful first step is to demystify research and the research process as it relates to your RAP. Take notes to record the actions needed to sunmission your Research Report and to contribute to your reflection for your Skills and Learning Statement.

See also Appendix 7 Where and when will my graduation ceremony be? Please note that no RAP will be marked without a submission fee being received. These are qualified ACCA young professionals impacting lives. You have to be original.

The reason for this is that if submissiion do take this advice: The ACO will conduct a thorough and lengthy investigation to determine whether academic misconduct is proven. Only then will the Panel consider the reasons and evidence provided for the mitigating circumstances themselves.

OBU also recognises that there will submisxion be some variability in the standard of guidance and advice that you are given by your mentor. Submission of thesis after the prescribed.

As I was moving forward, so it was crumbling. While this is not a reason for failure tthesis itself, it often leads to certain important requirements being omitted from the report, which is a cause of failure.

RAP Submission and Assessment Criteria

The Business School has chosen one of these as the method that we recommend you to use. If not, you cannot apply for a bursary.


The validity period of Points is 9 months after they are added to your Credit Balance or activated. This analysis must be a business analysis not just a financial analysis. It is important to acknowledge this material.

Oxford Brookes Business School – OBU BSc project submissions portal

Although this explanation makes the whole research process seem orderly and sequential, in practice feee is likely to be more tangled and disorganised. You may wish to refer to this website for further information: Your desired outcomes from the third meeting may include the following: For topics 8 and 15, you should ensure you are using the most current 3 years financial statements available at thseis start of the submission period if you are submitting for the first time or re-submitting using a new topic.

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Having the broad knowledge in the various fields, our skillful writers in subjission various fields are ready to fee fine and unique essays. They WILL be eligible to submit in May if they have passed all papers and fulfil the other eligibility criteria as previously specified on page The guidelines and student information on the degree are very clear about cheating and the consequences of so doing.

Based on the novel by Jane Austen.

obu thesis submission fee