It is NOT possible for you to do so yourself. Demonstrates highly competent mastery of all learning outcomes of the course and strong understanding of all concepts. The project offers you the chance to work with a startup company or nonprofit organization and propose a solution to a real business need. The total point value earned Students who are out of attendance in the semester following the one in which the course was taken have one additional semester to complete the work. Our Public Safety Officers and guards in many cases come to recognize some of us. Quality credit hours for each course are computed by multiplying the credit value of the course by the value of the grade assigned.

As part of the evaluation of your candidacy, the Admissions Committee requires a sample of your writing as an indication of how your intended program of study relates to your objectives. Submitting in your own name papers, tests, examinations, or reports completed by another person. The student must request an appeal to the Dean of the School within fifteen 15 days from the date of the appeal decision made by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. The following steps are taken in the evidence-gathering phase: Capstone Presentation Content Guide.

Once a violation of the policy is detected, the faculty member will not issue a grade on the assignment or for the course until the case has been resolved.

nyu scps thesis

Students are expected to demonstrate how what they have learned incorporates an understanding of the research and expertise of scholars and other appropriate experts; and thus recognizing others’ published work or teachings—whether that of authors, lecturers, or one’s peers—is a required practice in all academic projects.

The panel will deliberate and determine responsibility in a closed session immediately following the hearing. If you receive a final grade in a course that you wish to appeal, you must first: The essay is a critical component of the application. Students may request to withdraw from any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a “W” by using the class withdrawal process in Albert.


Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

Students are expected to be scrupulous in crediting those sources that have contributed to the development of their ideas. Capstone Projects Overview Scls projects are generally either an individual or group effort toward producing a non-traditional product e.

The capstone team is responsible for identifying and obtaining agreement from their faculty sponsor. Learn more about requirements for International Applicants.

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The aim of the Defense of Thesis Presentation is for students to demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate the process and results of their research, with a focus on making clear the contribution they are making to knowledge in the global affairs field. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs will determine the final sanction for the Respondent within 10 business days after receiving the proposed sanctions from either the Departmental Designee or the Panel.

Suspended enrollment during a semester is only allowed in rare, exceptional circumstances.

New York University, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. Attendance at the hearing proceedings is not required.

The advisor is not allowed to directly address the panel or directly participate in the hearing.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

Advanced seminar courses are geared to equip students with professionally For a course to be considered for transfer credit, students must provide the department with the following information in writing:. In order to be approved, the specific course or courses will need thessi meet a requirement for sps program as an elective. The second session runs on Saturday, February 20, from 9: Students can reach their instructor by email or telephone thwsis as given on the syllabus or, when available, by leaving a note in the instructor’s departmental mailbox.


The respondent’s decision not to testify will not presume responsibility for the violation. International students must be registered full-time and thereby comply with government regulations.

There are two “incomplete” grades that indicate the student has not completed required course work.

Within five business scpa, the Departmental Designee will then recommend sanctions in writing to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs that align with the scope and severity of the case based on NYUSPS sanction guidelines.

The complaint must set forth briefly the nature of the alleged disciplinary infraction and the nature of the evidence.

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Only final grades can be appealed. This option should be especially useful for students looking to pursue further study through a Ph. After the ninth week, no one may withdraw from a course. Project proposals that are not viewed by CGA faculty thess making a satisfactory contribution to global affairs will not be permitted to proceed. Examples of recent student theses include:.

In particular, students should ensure that all prerequisites have been met prior to taking advanced courses by checking with their program advisors. The Respondent, Complainant, or Witnesses are not permitted to communicate directly during the hearing.

nyu scps thesis

Cases will be adjudicated by a panel, the “Panel” which will be appointed, on a case-by-case basis, by the Committee Chair scpa the Committee Designee, and will consist of the individuals named above. Objectively assess your attendance record.