Reflections on Cultural Mixture. I bought this book on a whim because the first chapter left me wildly intrigued and it was an Own Voices look at a community very near my home. I want to pick up every book by this author. It is a What a hoot! Oddly enough, the thing his mother is most proud of is his ability to make spaghetti from scratch. I like that kind of differ- ence.

Telling Truths about Canada. Being a curious teenager, Vir His mother is the band chief, his grandmother, a respected elder, is dying, and he’s related to half the members of Otter Lake, Virgil doesn’t imagine that life could be any more difficult for an Anishnawbe teenager. I feel grateful to have chanced on this gem, finding it calling to me from one of those free libraries perched on a neighbours lawn. About Drew Hayden Taylor. Each had been born of a human mother, and had had a father with a less-than corporeal presence in their lives. I for one am hoping that there are more stories coming out of Otter Lake. I loved every minute of this book.

I thought Virgil was kinda weak and lame son, but at least he tried.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

It is during this meal, attended by Maggie, the young man, and Virgil, that Virgil becomes unmistakeably aware that the young man has set his sights on Maggie and also warns Virgil not to get in aand way. Apr 08, Mila rated it really liked it. It had an ancient, tribal quality, and yet at the same time, a modern, innovative style. And boy do you have a story.

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Drew Hayden Taylor writes extremely well and I found myself laughing out loud a few times in this novel. Maggie irritated me, but that’s prolly ’cause I’m a single mom and I didn’t like that she neglected Virgil. May 22, Sharon Stoneman rated it really liked it.


There are a lot of subtle messages about the existence of natives and ‘white people’ throughout the book that made me think about current issues we are facing today but the book ne This book was the book chosen for our college book club.

The young man has long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that appears able to disarm anyone, especially women. Knopf, Return to Book Page. As with many of the old stories, Nanabush sets out this own way to fix things, makes a mess But he is more human than most humans, he has al their nobility, and all their faults — magnified.

It got really sad when the book got This book is the perfect balance of humor and sadness. It is a funny book, but thought provoking, too. Observations from a Blue-Eyed Ojibway Penticton: At times John was silhouetted against the almost full moon. Until the day a handsome stranger pulls up astride a Indian Chief motorcycle — and turns Otter Lake completely upside down.

I will certainly be looking for more fiction by this author. Couldn’t he have healed his wounds from residential school? She begins going through the motions of changing it, but then the handsome young man comes along and assists her. And the world moved on. I really enjoyed this book. I kept reading it because the characters motrcycles story captivated me.

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Trust me there are characters like those portrayed in any neighborhood Wonderfully realistic and quirky characters. The young man begins appearing around the reserve regularly, driving his red Indian Chief motorcycle.


motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign motorcyclles. Thing is, it got me researching for a good 2 hours straight and did make me feel impassioned to change things, which is always a good response.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

As all good tales do, this one begins far in the past, but not so far back that you would have forgotten about it. By the way, this Nanabush guy, John, he made me so mad half the time, I was hopping Wayne would shoot mororcycles in the head. Just the fact that no one knew who he was made it that much better.

Right here at the beginning of the novel, the girl is torn between the temptation to lead a tra- ditional life in the bush according to the rules of her own tradition and the lure of foreign learning that comes from Europe along with the message of another young man, whom her boyfriend sees as a threat: Taylor has captured that as well.

I finished this book with a sense of disappointment – that it hadn’t really provided me with a striking plot or left me with a sense that something profound had been share with me.