You can personalise the feedback by adding some general comments at the end on what the student should do to improve in the next assignment. Commenting on a series of research studies on feedback, Chris Rust has observed that:. Manchester Metropolitan University MMU is the largest campus-based undergraduate university in the UK with a total student population of more than 37, An estimate of the expected feedback date should then be published in the programme handbook along with the assignment submission deadline. This requirement is included in the Institutional Code of Practice on Assessment and the maximum turn-round time is currently four weeks. A checklist might be good for giving instant feedback after a presentation, while a detailed written report might work better for an essay.

If you have implemented a programme feedback strategy, then you should be on the way to providing feedback that students can use, but you may still need to try some additional or different activities, such as…. This is a really good question. Make sure that all assessments are carried out in accordance with the University Assessment Regulations. This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order. You can personalise the feedback by adding some general comments at the end on what the student should do to improve in the next assignment. Students need to know to what degree they have managed to achieve the unit learning outcomes, and receive some suggestions about what they should concentrate on in future assignments. All students are entitled to feedback on their work, which should:

If students are just making one or two errors then you can just highlight these and suggest that they take more care in checking in future assignments.

If you do this then you might also offer them to opportunity to ask questions or to make themselves some notes about ‘one thing I will do differently coursewoork time If you have more than one assignment in a unit, then you could offer marks in the second assignment for showing evidence of having acted on feedback from the first assignment – see Try allocating marks for acting on previous feedback in the Cokrsework something section.


The project also acted on a recommendation to focus more effort on the re-assessment period: How should I return feedback?

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Some markers in my team write lots of comments and others just write ‘good’ – how can we deal with this situation? The coursework receipting database calculates the return date and releases marks through Moodle on the due date. There is an example in this assignment brief. If you can’t return assignments in class, make sure that everyone knows when and how to collect the feedback; you can still reinforce its importance in class time, as well as make practical suggestions on how to use the feedback in future assignments.

mmu coursework feedback

MMU guidance on Setting. As making a copy in this case would be difficult, students would need to know in advance that they will efedback receive their work back until after the exam board has met. The feedback should enable the students to learn from what they have done and from your judgement of it rather than simply be a critique of the document in front of you. Your Programme Committee will consider the reports from your Subject External Examiners, including the response drafted by your Programme Leader.

Examples of different types of feedback might be: Skip to content Menu Home. Electronic submissions are normally returned to students using the same tool with which they feefback submitted courework marking. Assessment based on portfolios gives an opportunity to seek student reflection on feedback on assessed work and can be a useful part of the assessment profile coursewoek any programme. A good approach is to highlight the first error of each type and then to suggest in the feedback comments that the student goes through looking for these types of errors and explain where more support is to be found: Spending time introducing and reviewing assignments in class is a good way of demonstrating how important you think they are and that they are integrated into the unit activity.

The University has a clear policy on marks moderation ; project dissertations should always be second marked, but apart from these, second marking is done on a sampling basis. Should my feedback focus on what went wrong with this assignment feedbsck try to suggest ways forward for the next one?


You do not have to accede to such requests and you may undermine your own academic judgement by doing so. You can find more information about External Examiners here.

mmu coursework feedback

As a team, you could talk about some different ways of handling this. They advise academic staff on any changes proposed for your programme and they ensure that correct procedures have been followed on decisions made by the results and awards assessment boards.

This gives an opportunity to introduce the next assignments and relate them to previous ones. Space does not permit a detailed analysis of each type here, but help is certainly available from the Centre for Learning and Teaching with the implementation of any of these examples which may be unfamiliar to you.

There is also no reason why you can’t do a ‘something I learned from my last feedback’ activity with students who were previously assessed on a different unit to your own even if it wasn’t you who gave that feedback. If you are wondering whether this is really a problem, take a look in the coursework receipting office and see how many assignments languish uncollected….

mmu coursework feedback

A guide for Post-Compulsory EducationSage and if you think of it in that sense, it should contain:. Shouldn’t I focus my attention on the poorer students?

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This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it in any particular order. What is an External Examiner?

Your email address will not be published. MMU guidance on Recording grades. You can personalise the feedback by adding some general comments at the end on what the student should do to improve in the next assignment.