Some have fixed graduation dates e. These intermediate meetings are at strategic moments e. By reading literature and having discussions with your daily supervisor and other persons involved in your thesis subject, you have to get acquainted with the actual status of the research related to your subject. Ensure that you contact your main supervisor once a month. Yes, of course, it is possible to complete your masters within 2 years and a lot of non-EU students do accomplish this as the tuition fee per month after the 2 year period is really high. Is a master’s degree at TU Delft so hard that it’s not possible to pass it in 2 years?

So, many Professors including me in Computer Science: The thesis work starts with the choice of a subject, for which various routes are open. The lack food access entails traversing long distances to obtain decent food or cooking on regularly, which is time-consuming. The standard structure of the thesis report consists of the following parts: You should try to produce a realistic time schedule showing firm dates for the completion of the various activities, making allowance for holidays, examination periods, etc. Personally, I am in the structural engineering track at CITG, which seems to be — after Aerospace — the one with most delayed graduations it is now 18 Aug and I only know of 3 people who graduated.

This form will guide you through the procedure of graduating.

MSc Thesis

The committee is chaired by the professor and further comprises the daily supervisor, another senior researcher from a different section, department or faculty and a graduated professional from outside the university e.


Maste, the problems appear to be more complicated or the different steps take more time than estimated in advance. So, many Professors including me in Computer Science: You will have to cith all your courses on time, and most likely, go for a 3 month mastr instead of 6 months and also start your thesis exactly 1 year after a year of joining as thesis takes up 9 months of your time. Lack of study space on campus — for more than 20 students there is very limited study space on campus.

Here is proof that they are aware of this: The date for the final presentation is set then as well.

Course of the graduation project: Each of these locations has its own pros and cons. The first two steps are to apply to start with the master project Form: It is a voluminous assignment, which must be accomplished individually, independently, within the planned time period and finally it must have a sufficient quality.

When your graduation topic is registered by R. For the presentation, the members of the department and fellow students will be present, but also family and friends are welcome.

Procedures and forms

The content of the project is always defined or approved by the appointed examiners. It requires discipline to have regular contact with your daily supervisor. Answered Apr 11, Veljkovic, your main supervisor, a second supervisor from a different chair, dr.

How are the placements and packages after doing a master’s in biomechatronics at TU Delft University? Answered Aug 18, The most frequent contact is with your daily supervisor.


I knew exactly where to start my career. This plan serves as a guide line for the candidate, as well as the supervisors. Some have fixed graduation dates e. Based on the choice of a MSc project description offered by the research groups or your own mster, you have to contact a probable daily supervisor to collect further information and references related to the topic.

Procedures and forms

However this requires strict working discipline. A meeting becomes more effective as well when you send a draft paper several days before the meeting. Veljkovic and a main supervisor. As conclusion, set yourself what your goal is and then commit to it.

master thesis tu delft citg

Students can choose a steel or composite related topic on the website of Steel and Composite Structures and contact dr. Meticulous planning is required to finish it in 2 years. Houben and possibly a company supervisor.

master thesis tu delft citg

The Master thesis project consists of a final project, a thesis, a summary of the thesis and a final presentation. Furthermore, students should avoid making any firm agreements with an external host organization before the topic has been formally approved.

That is to say that, I did take more than 2 years but, as a retrospective, I believe that I did, prepare me for my working life.