Kolhapur State had eleven feudatories; viz: Rajaram II also known as Ramaraja. Sawantwadi also rose in rebellion against Kolhapur, over a dispute concerning rights over villages claimed by both. A section of Tarabai’s troops in the Satara garrison unsuccessfully rebelled against her. Hailed as Bhadrakali, her name is still celebrated in the countryside in parts of Maharashtra. A truce was offered to the Mughals in such a way that it was promptly rejected by the Mughal emperor and Tarabai continued the Maratha resistance. Retrieved from ” https:

It was once ruled by the royal Ghatge family. Shrimant Jaisinghrao Narayanrao Ghatge Abasaheb. As the noted historian Jadunath Sarkar has written about her, ‘In that awful crisis her character and strength saved the nation’. Had she been able to remain in power, her kingdom may have remained united. Sir Shahaji became a Major-General in the Indian Army in , but in , he was stripped of his rank, titles and stipends as part of the mass removal of royal titles and prestige under the Indira Gandhi Congress regime along with abolitition of the privy purse to the Royals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He was also a reformist. Yet, little is written about this warrior queen or her incredible story. Wednesday, Tarabbai 22, The Kolhapur armies then punished Sawantwadi for this misdemeanor and Sawantwadi was forced to pay an tribute of one and a half lakh rupees to Kolhapur. But Sambhaji later turned hostile, forcing Shahu to switch sides with Tarabai.

Maratha Chronicles: Rani Tarabai

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. In fact it was impressed upon the council of ministers mainly by Tarabaithat Sakwarbai as per tradition should attain Sati which she eventually had to agree to.

Tarabai was without any political power till after which she went and resided with Chhattrapati Maharano at Satara, again without any political power.


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The Kolhapur court led by Jijabai Shivaji II was a minor then had continued their hobnobbing with the Nizamwhich irritated the Peshwa and he dispossessed Shivaji II of his territories of Chikodi and Manoliwhich he handed over to his knight Patwardhans mahsrani Sangli. Meanwhile piracy resurfaced and the English contemplated an attack on Kolhapur.

maharani tarabai essay

Shahu Maharaj was also responsible for Radhanagari dam to be erected in Kolhapur, thus ushering in agricultural prosperity for the kingdom. He was also granted with a sanad for adoption.

maharani tarabai essay

She refused to stand still and continued to influence politics until her death. But things never went as per their plans, as the Mughal princes Prince Azam ,Shah Alam, and Kambaksh etc themselves had to fight each other for the throne.

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When Rajaram refused, she imprisoned him in a dungeon at Satara, on 24 November His remains were burnt, according to the rites of the Hindu religion, on the banks of the Arno Florence,Italyat a spot beyond the Cascini, now marked by a statue of tarsbai deceased. In her seven-year period as regent, Tarabai single-handedly directed the Maratha resistance against the massive army of Aurangzeb, then the mightiest ruler in the world.

He retired as a Major and returned to Dewas, where he was crowned king after his father Tukoji III abdicated the throne and fled to Pondicherry. For a brief period inTarabai even set up a parallel court in Kolhapur.

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He had three sons and six daughters. She is acclaimed for her role in keeping alive the resistance against Mughal occupation of Maratha territories after the death of her spouse, and acted as regent during the minority of her son. Rani Tarabai or the dowager Queen Tarabai b. The Maratha country was relieved at the news of the death of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who died at Khuldabad in Aurangabad.


This dispute quickly transformed into a battle. He stopped the practice of child marriages as well. After a few unsuccessfull battles and facing regular desertion from her closest aides, Tarabai accepted defeat especially after the battle at Khed,Oct and reluctantly agreed to accept Shahu as the rightful king of the Marathas. Shahu eventually prevailed thanks to his legal position and in part to the Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath’ diplomacy, and Tarabai was sidelined for some time.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tarabai of Kolhapur. He died at Vadgaon on 18th Dec To counter them, the English East India company sent an naval expedition which captured the Malwan fort fort Augustus.

The Forgotten Story of Rani Tarabai, The Indomitable Warrior Queen of the Marathas

Inshe and the Peshwa took oaths of mutual peace at the Jejuri temple. Yeshwantrao Shinde also died in Tarabai was the daughter of the famed Maratha general Hambirao Mohite. Installed on the throne at Vishalgad, on 10th March He was also rumoured to harbor bands of highway robbers and the state of Kolhapur always mahqrani in fear and apprehension during his rule. In s, during the last years of Shahu’s life, Tarabai brought a child to him: Email or Phone Password Forgot account?