You should make use of this resource because it will save you the large amount of work involved in getting the document to match the university requirements. If you writing a thesis it is quite likely that your university or department has a LaTeX document class available. Thanks for the template, helped me alot. Packages Memoir already incorporates some of the common packages. I am a graduate student in statistics and am about to begin writing my thesis, having finished my analyses and theoretical work. I think that looks old-fashioned, so I change it to just put a little but more padding between paragraphs instead:.

Although not directly related to a thesis, check out beamer for creating your presentation slides. You may be able disable this, some googling suggested this might work. To create a patch file both the unmodified and modified files are required. Oct 20 ’15 at I have a question about adding a new chapter, when i include the way u say, it just shows the whole content of the chapter in the main file.

Writing Your Thesis in LyX — A Setup Guide

I get warnings currently, but pdf still outputs if I ignore them. The above setup will mean that you can view each chapter separately in LyX using the eye button in the toolbar. Then re-export the file from Lyx to obtain the unmodified version.

lyx thesis tutorial

Switching to a different font, like Computer Modern, would also work. Thanks so much for your wisdom as well.


I personally find it quite liberating because I have the tendency to obsess over the visual details as I write. Fortunately, it is actually not too difficult to convert such a template into a working LyX document. Fortunately I found a simpler solution. Previous Post Previous post: I created all the chapters initially by just copying the first one I created, but you could do it in a more organised way using LyX templates. When viewing separately, the bibliography references will display as question marks?

At least when it comes to how you abbreviate the journal names. The style suggested by your university might be in the dropdown already, otherwise you should be able to find one that looks the same, they are standard bibtex styles see: LyX supports using multiple different bib files, which would appear useful if your combining multiple papers you have written into a thesis.

After exporting your Lyx document to LaTeX pdflatex open up the file in an editor. Just start editing the provided files, as a starting point for your thesis. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: However, this change applies to the global text. Theesis will make you accustomed to their syntax and the output they produce will definitely be a plus for your thesis. Thanks for help and any suggestions.

lyx thesis tutorial

I added some points above. Hey Aaron, thank you very much for this template. Thank you very much, this is very helpful! If you writing a thesis it is quite likely that your thesus or department has a LaTeX document class available.


Set up a remote repository so you can back things up automatically. And using LaTeX directly always leaves the author the most control. Lyx also allows you to write without having to see the LaTeX commands or worry about the document layout. Hopefully there will be a few that fit your needs I hope this can be helpful. As an example, the main document for my thesis looks like the following:.

Lyx is a front-end for LaTeX. We will get LyX to format our document correctly using the thesis style by overriding most things using a preamble file containing TeX commands.

Thesis writing using Lyx – Dan Siemon

I think that having to compile to see results isn’t that much painful, it only needs adjusting. You can reuse a lot of the same figures, pieces of code, etc and the consistency between the thesis and the slides is something that Ylx appreciated.

Perhaps export to pdflatex then compile on the command line?

lyx thesis tutorial

Fortunately this is not the case. StatsStudent StatsStudent 1 7.