An estimated 90, survivors fight to have their stories recorded. By contrast, State and Territory Parliaments were quick to act. His first opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to an official apology came on the 40 th anniversary of the referendum—which had resulted in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being counted in the census and gave the Commonwealth Government power to make laws for Indigenous people. Rudd admitted to being prepared for a backlash. However, organisers of the official opening of Parliament had to act quickly when they realised that the artillery lined up for the gun salute were pointing directly at the protestors.

When Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the words ‘I am sorry’ a wave of emotion and a process of healing began across the nation. Sorry Day is now a widely commemorated national event. I apologise to the indigenous people on behalf of the Government, to give our deepest apology over the suffering and injustice you endured over the past years. From children, it has stolen love, and family; language and culture; land and identity. An estimated 90, survivors fight to have their stories recorded.

They just could not believe it would happen. Then there was the kindness of complete strangers. Mark Leibler, then co-chair of Reconciliation Australia, was also helpful in keeping the lines of communication open with the Liberals, including Brendan Nelson, right up to the day of the Apology.

Reconciliation Australia is an independent national organisation promoting reconciliation and was also heavily involved.

It was very clear how divisive the issue of compensation would be.

He kept calling for the release of the words and the release of the legal advice. When Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the words ‘I am sorry’ a wave of emotion and a process of healing began across the nation.


Reflections on the apology: Kevin Rudd in conversation with Stan Grant

We encouraged them to come forward, and as they came slowly across the stone paving, one by one, they were greeted with a hug or a ruds. Thirsty to learn more? The pressure and the panic.

kevin rudds sorry speech essay

Some will involve businesses, gudds NGOs, some local partnerships on the ground. It also concluded that welfare officials failed in their duty to protect Indigenous wards from abuse. Government business notice number 1, Motion offering an apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Plainly none of us have found the policy solutions. Labor opposed the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act but very few people had heard this in the essay of the debate.

There has always been this hole in my heart with regards to being Australian. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Should the government say ‘sorry’? She supported the general position that compensation was the responsibility of the Rjdds or the institutions that had perpetrated abuse.

When I met spedch representatives of these three groups in the middle of December to start the detailed consultations, I told them I wanted to have as many people as possible take part in the planning of the Apology, and to get as much input as I could into the form it would take.

Join a new generation of Australians! Nanna Fejo and keivn sister stood in the middle line, her older brother and cousin on her left. We should be smart enough, flexible enough, and intelligent enough to recognise it is going to be a series of diverse approaches, not all of them involving the government.


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kevin rudds sorry speech essay

Patrick Dodson—known then and now as the Father of Reconciliation—asked me to make sure that the hurt that had been caused was recognised. The entire process was complex and deeply sensitive. I also announced there would be a Welcome to Country at the opening of the new Parliament on 12 February.

kevin rudds sorry speech essay

We went through the outcomes of my consultations, and I suggested then that esday date be set for the first day of Parliament. Even though Aboriginal kids make up just 5. It was his first act as prime minister — opening federal parliament with the word Aboriginal and Islander people and a legion of non-Indigenous Australians had longed to hear: Despite these difficulties, many of those affected, including myself, are deeply moved and esssay grateful for the apology.

Kevin Rudd grew up regional Queensland, saw racism and had a mother who was determined her children have contact with black kids.

Language Analysis #6: Sorry, Kevin Rudd’s apology to the “stolen generation”. | kelliepainter

Rudd and Nelson then walked together to the Aboriginal people on the floor of the Parliament. This black armband view of our past reflects a belief that most Australian kecin since has been little more than a disgraceful story of imperialism, exploitation, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Coolamons have carried our children. But Nelson refused to change his position.