Sex discrimination surfaces in the courts, like the case in which Ann Hopkins sued Price Waterhouse. It hurts not only our most vulnerable citizens but our most valuable commitments. Views Read Edit View history. I think it is both. It’s an exceptionally well-realized album. When Yoshino was sent by his parents to summer school in Japan where his grandparents lived in order to absorb Japanese culture, he found that he “passed Japanese language but flunked Japanese race” because race was defined by behavior as well as by physical traits.

The central argument of the book is that covering is an assault on civil rights because it is an assault on autonomy. In the case Rogers vs. Yoshino never quite gets around to telling us, however, and he does not strain to offer solutions when he knows there is no quick answer. Unlike other civil rights groups, gays must articulate invisible selves without the initial support of our immediate communities. I hope that when others recognize the concept, they will do the same, and in the process gain awareness of and empathy for those who are pressured to cover without good reason. Yoshino contends that we are entering a new civil rights epoch, gripped by a new generation of discrimination he calls covering:

The person he loved was not a woman.

kenji yoshino covering essay

Yoshino notes that covering demands, as illustrated by Roberts”occur at such an intimate and daily level that they are not susceptible to legal correction. The chapter on sex-based covering is highly illuminating; it explores the experiences of professional women who may be under pressure to both cover and “reverse cover. The shift from conversion to passing was gradual and did not necessary represent an advance in society’s acceptance of homosexuals, because of their overlapping.

He ponders, “why is it I am so comfortable covering my Asian identity?

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She was asked to both cover and reverse cover but when she could not deliver, her nomination for the partnership was taken away. The New York Times. Yannick Haenel’s Hold Fast Your Crown is shocking, frustrating, elating, coverimg among the best books published in France for decades.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We have not been able to see it as such because it has swaddled itself in the benign language of assimilation”.

Lane dealing with, respectively, gay rights and disabilities. If we cannot depend upon the law, coveding does the future of civil rights lie?

Covering by Kenji Yoshino

Also, a student in Oklahoma was suspended for wearing a headscarf in a public school. He felt himself a “thing of darkness.

kenji yoshino covering essay

American AirlinesRenee Rogers sued because as an airport operation agents, her job prohibited her from wearing an all-braided hairstyle. In other words, American Airlines punished Roberts for “flaunting” her African American-ness with hair braids, and fired her for failing to “cover” her racial identity with a mainstream hairstyle.

Which will we choose? Part essah elaborates on racial and sex-based covering, and yoshinno three discusses Civil Rights and legal issues that surround covering. The Civil Rights are ending as laws coverong being created to protect religion and disabilities by required accommodation. In our diverse society, all of us are outside the mainstream in some way […] every reader of this book has covered, whether consciously or not, and sometimes at significant personal cost.

As a first generation Japanese American, Yoshino would go back to Japan every summer, which was his parents’ attempt to preserve the Japanese kneji in their children. He explores what happened to racial minorities “who breached the social contract of assimilation” such as African-Americans who wear hairstyles that their employers prohibit, or employees who speak a non-English language to each other.

Summary Yoshino has written a book that is both treatise and memoir. The book then considers covering as applied to race and sex, drawing its examples mostly from the employment context. The law is limited in effectiveness and appropriateness when it comes to yosjino In her history of women in punk music, Revenge of the She-PunksVivien Goldman hefts the scene’s virtues and the vices into one heap and concludes that some of it was necessary, some of it was fun, and some of it was evil.


To sum up the first chapter:.

Yoshino, Kenji: Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights

In addition to poignant discussions of the author’s experience as a gay young man who did not “come out of the closet” until he was in his early twenties, the sections on racial covering ocvering sex-based covering are of particular interest.

This covering demand is the civil rights issue of our time.

This is a rather chilling observation. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Commentary In addition to poignant discussions of the author’s experience as a gay young man who did not “come out of the closet” until he was in his early twenties, the sections on coverring covering and sex-based covering are of particular interest. Members of the Ponys, Ted Leo, Don Caballero, and Titus Andronicus regroup as Acquaintances for a hard-charging second album that explores mortality and an increasingly uncertain future.

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