Now it is restricted to some isolated pockets in the region 5 Fig. The chemical constituents of musk are ammonia, olein, cholesterin, fat, wax, gelatinous matter, albuminous substances, inorganic salts of sodium, potassium, calcium; and an aromatic volatile oil, muscone 4. Indian physicians used it in respiratory failure in ancient days. Verify the characters on the left From: European roe deer C. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month.

Kasturi is put inside the soil. On discovery of hundreds of synthetic medicine, random killing of musk deer for collection of musk, loss of ancient belief of therapeutics, explosion of global population, there is gradual decline of flora and fauna, leading to gradual disappearance of the medicine, musk and its source, musk deer. Female musk deer give birth to a single fawn after about — days. If the water immediately changes into red or yellow colour, then it is believed that the must is impure, if not, then it is pure. So far no clear explanation regarding the effect of musk in blood pressure of mammals has been offered. About five thousands years ago, a symposium on health care system was organized by some Indian holy scholars Rishis , near the base of Himalayas under the chairmanship of Rishi Bharadwaj. I am an artist and, well, I got through I think the first 6 pages of the book store on your site and ordered almost dollars in books

Sometimes there were some unfortunate deaths due to the adverse reaction of antisnake venom drug. If pure musk is added to any material, the material yields the same odour for a longer period. A cotton thread is passed through Hingu Asafoetida or through Rasuna garlic and again passed through the musk pod. The Kashmiri Kasturi obtained from Kashmir valley was brownish grey kapil in colour and considered as the lowest quality of musk.


Kasturi is used as an antispasmodic medicine in Indigenous Systems of Medicine in India.

kasturi mrig essay

Please read our Privacy Policy for details. Once Kasturi had a high demand, mainly for the drug preparations in traditional medicine. I have enjoyed the many sanskrit boks I purchased from you, especially the books by the honorable Prof. Thanks a lot for doing what you do. In some experiments on healthy mice, presence of naturally occurring antihistamine like substances in musk was observed.

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Family Bovidae subfamily Antilopinae. Musk deer have been hunted for their scent glandswhich are commonly used in perfumes. From the mfig times to the present kasutri. Luminaries of Indian Medicine: There is need to establish the scientific basis of the ancient belief of therapeutics of musk. The food consists of grass, lichens, leaves and flowers.

Its Virya potency is Ushna hot 5. It is run by the Forest Department in Uttaranchal. On conscious adult albino rats it was observed that musk can produce significant increase in both volume and sodium excretion in urine Antispasmodic action of musk is selective to different tissues. Tourists can now not just see snow but even snowfall everyday for essayy months in winters as the snow-making machine snow gun imported….


As the name suggests, on the chest is a wide vertical whitish-yellow stripe, which extends mirg the throat to the chin. It is used in fever Jsaraghna and in poisoning Vishaghna. Look Inside the Book. It is run by the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department.

kasturi mrig essay

Kasturi reduces the sleeping time induced by hexobarbitone. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol.

Kasturi is a great discovery of ancient Indian physicians, who used it in diversified ailments. It can improve appetite Kshudha bardhak and function of heart Hridya.

kasturi mrig essay

Musk deer are generally shy, and either nocturnalor crepuscular. There is no ill effect on the health of the deer observed by this method of extraction of musk.

A life saving medicine made by a vanishing species

European krig deer C. Sutrasthanaverses Nos. Newly developed artificial sex stimulant drugs like Sildenafil citrate are very harmful while Kasturi musk offers a natural healthy sexual urge without any deleterious effect 5.

Kankol Piper cubeba Linn. Kasturi is a dark resinous secretion moist or semi liquid in nature, present with ammonia like odour, collected in a small sac pod covered with hair Fig.