Link Dec 11, Juan’s talk happens on June 6th, and is one of two invited talks from academics in the three day event. The problem affects a large number of web servers and clients and has thus received major media impact. This shall cover all costs related to the project, including travel costs. The seven IMDEA Institutes of the Madrid region will jointly present, with the support of the National Police , how science and technology help solving a crime and finding the criminal and its motivation. Construction of this new building will begin shortly and will be ready when the Institute outgrows its current temporary location in a floor of the UPM CS Department. The first part of the talk makes explicit which are the design strategies followed by privacy experts when engineering privacy-preserving systems, and shows how these design strategies require the use of Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

The program runs from Edmund Clarke, at Harvard University under the supervision of Prof. Lambda World is a conference aiming to scale the usage of the research achievements in the area of functional programming over the last 40 years in the industrial setting. Juan’s talk happens on June 6th, and is one of two invited talks from academics in the three day event. Alessandra’s talk, entitled “Mining the Google Play for Anomalies” presented several analysis techniques to identify anomalous Android applications, such as anomalies that involve mismatches between the description and the implementation, anomalies in the use of sensitive information, and anomalies in the user interface. It addresses a very important property in control system design, namely, stability, and proposes novel algorithmic methods to verify stability of large scale embedded control systems.

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AutoCrypt aims to use jur technology to provide mathematical guarantees that a cryptographic algorithm is secure, and that it is adequate for a given product, process, or service. He is the author of several dozen academic papers and patents.

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The work focuses on the computation of bounded error approximations of the reachable set, and uses it for safety verification of an important class of dynamical systems, namely, parameterized linear systems. In his talk, Vila reviewed some of the background necessary to understand many of the recent attacks against micro-architectures, such as cache side-channel, rowhammer, and attacks based on speculative execution.


Their paper characterizes the precise complexity of the model checking problem for hyperproperties, and shows how to leverage existing state-of-the-art model checking tools to handle hyperproperty specifications, with applications to security, symmetry, and coding theory. More tan four activities were carried out that helped visitors, in a pleasant and attractive way, to understand what software is, how it works internally and where it is located. Details on the procedure can be found here.

The EasyCrypt tool site provides additional information and references. After more than 10 years dedicated to the creation and development of the IMDEA Software Institute, Manuel Hermenegildofounding director, stepped down to devote more time to research.

Moreover, the framework allows programmers to specify an “admissible” overhead level per program routine function, predicate, etc. The event page at EIT Digital.

Aleks Nanevski and Anton Trunov have tried to push it even further, showcasing modern technology, like proof assistants, built on top of dependent types. During one hour, they spoke about science in general and, in particular, about the science they will show in an upcoming event in CSIC’s Residencia de Estudiantes on the evening of September 29th.

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These four papers are among 68 selected for publication from over submissions. The workshop focuses on techniques and tools for program synthesis and transformation aiming at supporting the development and maintenance of programs for heterogeneous architectures.

Event website Nov 28, Work on thesie analysis of malware network communication published at top-ranked conference Faculty thess Juan Caballero and Ph. See the full press release here. In this talk Carmela introduced advances on privacy technologies, such as those developed at the IMDEA Software Institute, that enable the design of ICT systems with the same functionality as those of today but without breaching users’ privacy.

It is in charge of guaranteeing that the foundational objectives are fulfilled and that the assets of the Institute jr managed correctly. This complexity comes into the sharpest focus if one tries to develop a mathematical, computer-checkable, proof that a concurrent program produces the desired result.


They have visited our facilities and discussed with researchers progress in the different research lines.

jru thesis format

The creation of the JRU kernel started already in Decemberand it presently includes specialists in the Java and OpenStack platforms, as well thessi specialists in the administration of virtual cloud resources.

An implementation is also provided to check the practical viability of the approach using the Ciao multi-paradigm programming language. The event included thesjs attendance by Alan Craig EC – Marie Curie representativewho gave a presentation of the current call.

These evidence was then given to the researchers that explained how they are able to extract important information that can help the Police solving the crime. At every inspection point, the continuation of the process model is sent to the predictor which produces a constraint model by means of symbolic execution using a constraint-generating interpreter. Gordon Microsoft Researchand Justin Hsu University of Pennsylvaniapresents novel means for writing and verifying differentially private Bayesian machine learning algorithms.

Next Wednesday, February 7 at The paper generalizes this notion to the setting of common programming languages, where libraries and their clients can communicate via the heap, transferring the ownership of data structures, and can even run in a shared address space without any memory protection. The required effort for developing such a proof today is overwhelming even for the simplest concurrent programs, because of the combinatorial explosion associated with the component interaction.

This work presents a framework for reasoning statically about the overhead added to programs by run-time checks in terms of both algorithmic complexity and actual cost changes. Both Nataliia and Luca obtained their degree from the Technical U.

These two aspects are the infected machines used to monetize the crime through different actions i. Official announcement Nov 9, Ben Livshits is a research scientist at Microsoft Research and an affiliate professor at the University of Washington.