Only one piece of information presented. Stand Up, Speak Up! Our original resources available on email request ‘Famous Faces’ Powerpoint – key figures in civic and political life. There’s a student text, Teacher’s Guide, topical digital updates, free E-Text and more. Resource on children’s rights from the Ombudsman for Children’ Office.

The student should not confuse the summary of information with the conclusion nor should they repeat an account of the activities undertaken. Making Children’s Rights Real: The video, insegmented form is also available to view on the library’s website. Online testing for homework and revision will be available for this textbook on the new eTest. A course- work module is a study of a significant section of the course. There are plenty of class plans, games, case studies, action projects and a teacher’s guide.

New information which has no relevance to the course-work module. Action ideas that have some realistic possibility of being achieved either by the student themselves or by others. Only one piece of information presented.

The pack is accompanied by a CD Rom.

OR A learning experience gook contributed to the civic, social or political development of the student. Each Dublin City branch library has a reference and a lending copy.

Oireachtas Education Programme – The new online resource of the Oireachtas Communications Office explores many aspects of political education relating to the Oireachtas. Students outside Dublin will also find useful information on local government. There is also a separate Teachers’ Guide.


cspe course work assessment book

Irish language version available Use contact details above. All chapters have an abundance of questions, as well as ideas for wirk and actions. A clear statement of a number of skills developed.

Coursework assessment book cspe

A title that clearly indicates to anybody reading it what the course-work module was about. In the course of the description of this activity the student should also indicate how particular skills were developed and used.

For more info click dourse. Titles that clearly indicate to anybody reading it what the Action Project was about. There are games, case studies, posters, action projects. An explanation of something which has no relevance to the topic title already provided or no relevance to the aims and objectives of Civic, Social and Political Education.

Cspe coursework assessment book

Info and order options are here. It is published by Mentor. This work was made possible with assistance from the European Union, and mirrored similar activities in 5 other partner countries: There’s a student text, Teacher’s Guide, topical digital updates, free E-Text and more. The Working World resource has been developed with clear teaching objectives in mind and each module contains 14 lessons, 4 handouts and 14 worksheets. Working for a better life: The Resource can be downloaded here Additional related resources and assessmeng here.


Coursework assessment book cspe

Video sent to schools as part of the Know Racism Campaign. Available for download here. Issues towards the end of the year provide revision resources geared specifically towards the CSPE exam paper.

Statements which give no explanation as to why the student has drawn this particular conclusion. OR A skill which the student has either acquired or developed as a result of this particular class. The materials also highlight the role and work of the Ombudsman for Children’s Office”. The six modules included are: Confusion between an xssessment and an activity.

cspe course work assessment book

Phrases such as; “because the teacher told us”, “because the teacher gave it to us”. The material can be used by any teacher.

It is available from