Can some one help me out please? Instructions on how to take the medical examination will be sent to you after you submit your application to the visa office. If you have a preference, just send me comment on the CIP website, or connect with me on any of the various social media platforms I frequent facebook, LinkedIn etc. The local chapter of the Canadian Bar Association was one of many stakeholders who offered their thoughts on the proposed changes. Just make sure you have an address where ever you land. To answer your question, I did notarize all my documents including the experience letter. Next steps include filling out an online application , uploading supporting documents, and paying application fees.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone please helps me answer these questions in the most appropriate way so as to result my case being nominated. Please let me know anyone got the PCC from Indian embassy. Now over the last few years, the AINP has not been as willing to allow an employer to move an individual to a different position when an application has been in the queue. The applicant must have graduated with a degree, certificate or diploma from a registered and eligible educational institute within Canada or Alberta. Skilled and semi-skilled professionals can apply for this program, and there are also options for individuals to apply with and without employer support. And sometimes you have employers that are very loyal to you but often you as an employee you are of value to them, because you are making them money. It just creates more work for them and with high volumes of applications they are really looking for every opportunity they can to bounce applications.

Would really really appreciate any help on this. Covdr minimum amount of time studied is one year. Do not have a medical check until IRCC asks you to get one. You have 30 days to accept the nomination in your Express Entry profile. Top 10 occupations applying to the AINP 4.

The local chapter of the Canadian Bar Association was one of many stakeholders who offered their thoughts on the proposed foe. My work permit is going to expire April All right, thank you very much and I hope to get back to you soon with more answers to your immigration questions.


New Alberta Opportunity Stream – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Instructions on how to take the medical examination will be sent to you after you submit your application to IRCC. If you enjoyed the show, please rate it on iTunes and write a letteg review. Must be a registered and incorporated employer in Canada and the business must be operational in Alberta The job offer for the individual must meet the provincial employment standards Offer a job to the applicant that can be classed as NOC level 0,A or B If not exempt, the job offer must get letterr approved Labor Market Impact Assessment LMAI If the applicant doesn’t reside in Alberta, clear effort to recruit someone from both Alberta and Canada must be shown before job is offered to the applicant There are a few ineligible occupations for this AINP category and they include supervisors, foremen and tradespersons working in a compulsory or optional trade in Alberta, elementary or secondary school teachers, clergy, professional athletes, dental laboratory bench workers, refugee claimant or live in care workers and temporary foreign workers living and working outside of Alberta.

Thanks Amogh and Cherokawa.

During the same month I received back reply asking for documents. Only CIC can issue a permanent resident visa. Can you please what exactly to write in this Same way Describe your plans of Initial settlement in Alberta And Describe familarity with Alberta IF it would be great if you provide some kind of attachment and answer this above questions?

cover letter for ainp

That would help tremendously in getting the word out and raising the visibility of the show. Since now you have been nominated by the federal canadian govt.

cover letter for ainp

So my question is what should I do before my work permit expires? Now I will be waiting for ckver file number, I know it would be a long wait of at least 4 months.

cover letter for ainp

Intention to live and work permanently in Alberta Appropriate training, experience, certification and education to perform their job in Alberta If the applicant is also residing in Alberta they should hold a valid work permit. You are strongly encouraged to submit police lettee with your application if possible. I dont care if you dont believe.


Alberta Nominee Program Applicant Eligibility: When you submit your application to CIC, fees must be paid in full, with the right form of payment, or CIC will return your application.

Should we send all the docs with application form? Contact us today for a fof consultation.

AINP: After you are nominated –

Subscribe to the Canadian Immigration Podcast If you have enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe. Email me if you need more details on AINP program, we can talk. If Options 1, 2 or 3 are not available to you, you may be eligible to receive a c Letter of Support from the AINP to renew your work permit.

I am a permanent resident but i was not able to meet the residency requirements.

AlNP – What to do after you are nominated

In this Episode I am flying solo to waste no time in demystifying the recent changes to civer Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. My work permit is going to expire in April of Do you have any idea as to how many days it takes to receive a file number??

Live in Alberta when applying and hold a valid work permit Must prove at time of applications that they are currently working for an Alberta employer in their trade or that they ldtter experience doing so for 6 months in the last 3 years Engineering Occupations Category Engineers, designers and drafters can apply through this Alberta PNP category if they have previous work experience in the province and their job ain; under one of the 12 specific designated occupations of the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering List.

But I thought it was kind of fun.