Third, My related experiences in the past really fit this program. It was so hard for me to manage my time. Making new friends easy for me. I worried a lot that my family would not allow me to study in Padang. Considering the reasons in giving a positive input to Community Development Program and for bettering Indonesia, I strongly expect that I will be selected to join the Community College Initiative Program. I have always enjoyed meeting people and desired knowing about them.

This program will definitely enhance my experience, expand and enlighten my horizon and also my mind. How would the CCI Program help you to achieve these goals? The data makes me think the opportunity for SMEs to explore and utilize social media and e-commerce platforms to support their business. Terimakasih banyakkkkkk Inwhen the SPMB National Admission Test for State University was opening, my parent said they worried if they could not pay my tuition fees and my daily needs because my other siblings also need financial support. However, I also need to upgrade my knowledge and experiences for my better future. Sorry wrong info, irex ini ternyata untuk college nya bukan untuk applicant CCI. For the night schedule, I will practice guitar too because I have the similar hobby with him.

Essay tidak bisa dikerjakan dengan sistem SKS sistem kebut semalam.

Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP – Defir Shah

Also, I will learn many new things through this training program that will change my life to become a better individual, useful and productive citizen for my country. Mengapa hal cntoh penting?

Please describe a problem or challenging situation in your educational, professional, or personal life and describe how you resolved it and what you learned from this situation. Tapi waktu itu saya sangat puas jika dibandingkan dengan konsep aplikasi saya yang pertama kali. I had been paid my tuition fee monthly during my three years as contog student.


contoh essay ccip

When the conto had nothing to worried about their life, their money and their monthly expenses but me, I had to think about it. Hopefully, I will become a great addition to become a locomotor to help this nation to achieve its potentials. You have a class scheduled today from 2 pm to 5 pm. These kinds of particular subjects are barely available in Indonesia, especially in my previous education in my major of marketing.

contoh essay ccip

I need to build my characters better so I can organize my life and achieve every goal. Setelah itu saya periksa kembali dan masih menemukan banyak kekurangan.

contoh essay ccip

Hai mas ilham, slam kenal. Untuk contoh dari kedua struktur tersebut, defir berikan pada jawaban essay CCIP dibawah. I am friendly enough at least according to people who know me.

My parents so worried about me, they thought I would not make it. Let’s collaborate Read More. I wrote these goals in a paper and put it on the wall of my room. Generally, my experiences in working as a Retail Store Promoter and a Distributor Support Representative have given me a strong willing to go even deeper on how to be a top notch talent on this field and I hope this program can be a bridge for me to become a more valuable person for my country especially for the community.

Positivity problems and contamination of water that is the inherent quality of life care planning practitioners. I predict the alternatives that will happen are 1 I will reschedule my time for studying, 2 he will change the time for practicing his guitar, or 3 we do all of them at the same time but in the different room. Now I need the opportunity to share everything about my country with the people because without this privilege, I will not be able to tell the world about my country.


There are lots of things that I must asked to you. Please describe your future professional and personal goals. I am a good candidate to participate in the Community College Initiative program because of several reasons.

For the first time, I was far away from home by bringing hope and expectation from my family.

Contoh essay ccip

Live in a country where English as the main language will allow me to learn and practice it in my daily life. What are your priorities and how would you organize your schedule? Saya menemukan banyak blog – blog yang sangat membantu dalam penulisan essay beasiswa tersebut. So after I wake up in the morning, I will do my best to overcome procrastination, and immediately do my daily routines like take a shower, eat breakfast, and most importantly write this schedule.

Notify me of new posts via email. I talked with so many people, handling their complaints and also provide the best solution.

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I guess it was because I had no time to hang out with them after class, I got to home and then lunch and got to go to work. My siblings worked for the cost of living.

I believe that participate in this program will give me so many advantages and lot of priceless experiences.