If you are having difficulties contacting your department please email examboards essex. If you fail a dissertation , you will usually be given an opportunity to re-submit it by an agreed-upon date. Further information on the academic regulations, including those in respect of extenuating circumstances, can be found in the student handbook. The web results page will show you what decision has been taken in your case. Find out more about extenuating circumstances. In addition to re-submitting assessment elements, you may have grounds appeal the marks awarded to you.

Wait for discounts and special offers! See the full rules of assessment. If you are considering making an appeal against the decision of the Board of Examiners , please note that there are limited grounds for appeal and strict deadlines for submitting an appeal so you need to check the deadlines as soon as possible. This is a member of faculty assigned to you at the beginning of your degree programme, who you meet with regularly to discuss your progress. The fees listed below are for students in exam attendance only. There are mechanisms in place to ensure quality and standards of marking, involving both internal and external academics.

If you already know that you do not wish to undertake reassessment, and you wish to graduate with your Diploma this July please confirm online immediately via the results web page.

You should take into consideration that marks can go down as well as up and it is the referred mark that will be used. In many cases, students found guilty of plagiarising will not unu provided an opportunity to improve their marks, though they could potentially appeal the decision. Students are entitled to attend a Graduation Ceremony when they have cah awarded a Diploma of Higher Education. I have been told I may not proceed to the next stage and must repeat the failed modules next year.


can you redo coursework at uni

Students fail elements of their degree for a number of reasons. Most UK students are eligible for government funding for the full duration of their course, plus one additional repeat year, reo any previous full or part years of study at Higher Education level. We advise you to contact the SFE by letter reiterating your compelling personal reasons and asking that you be considered for full funding. However, if you fail anything next year you would not be eligible for an honours degree because students cannot fail more than 30 non-core credits across the whole degree.

Economic recession and Customer Loyalty to Banks Dissertation: You should take into consideration the financial implications of this decision as you will be charged a tuition fee for each module you repeat. Please consult the Academic Regulations for details of precisely how the aggregate percentage mark is calculated. Where a module involves more than one element, a student is also normally required to achieve a minimum of 30 per cent in each element.

Can I appeal against the mark I have been given? To be awarded an honours degree you should have passed credits of which at least are at level 5 and a further at level 6 coursewor, above.

My transcript indicates I have failed one or more modules and will have to repeat them next academic year. The fees listed below are for students in exam attendance only. Assessment resits and late fees There un no charge for in-year resits. We will only give SFE an outline of problems that might have affected your work, and we will not forward any extenuating circumstances forms or evidence. When contacting the Assessment Team, please ensure that you always include your full name, registration number and department.


Resubmitting and Resitting | Goldsmiths, University of London

For coursework, contact your department for the resubmission courwework. The Diploma is a level 5 qualification which is awarded to students who achieve at least credits at the appropriate level.

If you do not wish us to provide this information please email the Assessment Team examboards essex. With all of the problems noted above, students can usually avoid failing simply by taking pre-emptive action before the problem spirals out of control. corusework

can you redo coursework at uni

Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate Part-time undergraduate Executive education. Find out more about extenuating circumstances. I have valid extenuating circumstances for missing an assessment, but have not been asked to undertake reassessment.

You will be required to attend any relevant taught sessions including lectures, clases or seminars and coursewokr assessment for the module s specified by the Board of Examiners. University of Kent Student Immigration.

Re-sitting Exams, Resubmitting and Repeating

If you have previously studied at Higher Education level, or have previously repeated cxn year, you will need to fund your own tuition fees during your repeat year. I have a compensated pass in a module but think I can do much better.

If you wish to choose this option, please email examboards essex. Talk to your Academic Tutor. Students in their final year of study are entitled to undertake resits if they meet either of the following criteria:. This means that if you are unsuccessful at the resit attempt in September and have only had two attempts at the module, you will be offered one further resit attempt in the next relevant examination period.