It’s a scam and not the way you want to be an ‘entrepreneur’. The fact that you didn’t do a research about amway you wouldn’t know. Actually buddy this business plan do get presented by white Americans. And I am so glad my parents told me the truth. Don’t listen to me.

I just signed up again as an IBO three day’s ago just because it didn’t work the first time I know for sure that it does work and I also know that if it worked for so many other people that it “Will Work” and can work for me. By the way, the money is not made overnight, you earn it through genuine sales. He got a mentor who is showing him the ways of being a professional and making connections and how he is getting into this E-Commerce thing. All you did was make a claim with nothing to back it up. Saying “go to Forbes. And then the guy giving the meeting said does anyone even know a millionaire and I shot up my hand real fast — I know plenty – like I said my family owns many of their own businesses. I will not say that it doesn’t work because it has for some

I was skeptical about the entire concept, so i attended a free event at a hotel, amwqy was asked to sit in the front.

If you joined, they would expect you to buy and sell products and likely attend seminars and meetings which would have costed you money ineteas of earning you money. It’s a scam and not the way you want to be an ‘entrepreneur’. Many of these women are not legally allowed to work in this country H4 visa.

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Get the guidance from persons, who are successful in life. You made claims about these diamond’s incomes. Louis area and I had a similar situation happen to me. Success to me is this question: We had a brief phone call we had a one on one meeting before I was invited to a Seminar at a hotel. My boyfriend saw it for what it really was – a scam and that no one can get rich out of it. My last question to you and to everyone – if someone told you marriage was a pain in the arse, or as we know there are more divorces and separations in the businses than are marriages would stay single for the rest of you live.


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A Lady approached me as poan and said the same thing! Even though you are not doing biz now. Thanks for posting this. Besides that the people you are hating on are some of the most Godly and loving people I have ever met.

I have seen Amway business model 5 times in my life, insia first few occasions I was not convinced, I used the products back then and knew of friends who used the products and they really work. The choice is easy.

amway india bww business plan

Like Macys,Sears,Aplle store and so on. I too was invited to a hotel and made to sit in the front row and take notes. I will start buying and selling your products when I see them on tv. It was definitely busimess.

Come back and post here when you’ve made some real money. He told me he was a programmer at a tech company in Santa Fe Springs, and asked for my number to see if I wanted to work for him.

amway india bww business plan

Are you guys aware of corporate training and education programs of fortune companies. Answered Feb 7, A couple of years ago I was approached by an old classmate from high school about this “business opportunity” He was very, very vague about it and just kept saying “I’ll explain more when we meet.


Basically, this thing should be shut down. They look so bugged out because all they’re doing is drinking and eating these energy drinks and health bars that Amway sells.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

They started by talking about random stuffs and their lives and new inddia Hyundai which is not really an expensive car and all the travel they do thanks to their job They are both working for BWW so they said. I also feel sorry for that guy because he got forced to chose to be innocent rather than learning from it. How can I use a sales CRM to generate high-quality leads? Thank you for your blog! Not that such descent up standing people such as yourself would ever do that.

I thought, a part-time job does not sound so bad; where can I start? You do what your upline does and you make the money. Probably true but you also should believe everything someone says in Amway just because they call him a diamond and he wears nww nice suit too.

Everything that you described happened to plna I met after a casual encounter, offering the cliche “business opportunity”, vague about the details, pushing to go to this meeting at a hotel, etc.