You guys are like best friends. He had been learning guitar and slowly getting better since he was 10,so you encouraged him to start a YouTube channel and make covers. Ok love you all! You go back to editing, giggling shyly. He looked at you in a way that made you feel special, hugging you again before holding you close and placing a small kiss on your cheek and departing, his green hair now flat against his forehead and little raindrops hanging from his nose.

You smiled shakily, stepping back and taking her hand and watching as his eyes widened in understanding. He kissed my forehead and wiped the make up still under my eyes. Davit walked in and started the lesson, I took notes on the new unit as always but felt something hit my head. Like ask for the medicine and get it! But had they been already in that stage?

I watched her belittle in regret and her cheeks blotch and red. I want to go back in time.

5sos preferences bsm homework

Homewlrk walked in and sat at your desk that was occupied by your backpack. Michael had just gotten back from the Take Me Home tour, and you felt now was the time to inform him of your sexuality. I need your participation for this to work. Something about how gentle and comforting she was being, it kind of broke him up and he started to cry into his chest.


5sos preferences bsm homework

You blushed and looked down homeork all eyes were on you. I never wanted to break his heart. You both start throwing punches until a teacher breaks it up, sending you to the office, where your parents were called to pick you up.

The sharp shrill ringtone that I had grown to look forward to, now lay on my bed, taunting me almost. You breathe a sigh of relief when you 5sps him, he quickly walked over to you, with his head down.

5sos preferences bsm homework

That way, we can play preferencrs all night! Everything had been going great until now. You cuddled into his side as the movie began, your teddy bear long forgotten and replaced with Calum.

Michael had just eaten and seemed rather pleased. Then it happened to be your elder brother, Michael. She finally did it!

5sos preferences homework

You had a wide smile on your face as you carried him up the stairs and into your room. Zayn was cleaning up around the house after coming home from work. You took of your jeans and Luke took of his. You only grunted in reply to your brother, stuffing another chocolate in your mouth and glaring at the television that was now streaked with the melted substance.


Liam had broken up with Sophia a respectable time ago and was looking around for a new girlfriend. You kindly thanked her and dragged Niall to the car. So when you heard that people were picking on him, you were furious, even more so to hear that it was your friends bullying him.

#19 BSM He Helps You With Your Homework (Muke) – Luke